Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wow I did it, 8 count them 8 miles!

8.15 to be exact. I did it! 8.15 miles!!! My longest run evah!All in all not to bad! The dog and I headed out not really sure that I would get the 8 miles in. I knew I would have to come back by the house at some point as I didn't think the dog would make 8 and I knew I would need to go potty....I had already consumed about a pot of coffee! I was working at keeping my hr on 140-145 for the fist 6 miles and that is when I dropped the dog off. After that I just turned off the HR alert and ran whatever felt comfortable and walked when I needed. So while the first 6 averaged anywhere from a 14-17 minute pace, including dog water breaks, and drop off potty and drink breaks, the last 2 were 13:22 and 12:28....I tend to speed up when I just want to get done. :) All in all right at 2 hours. I am thrilled to have passed the 8 mile mark! I am now confident that I can finish the 10k I have coming up in 2 weeks. It won't be fast but it will be finished!

This is Duke after his almost 6 miles. Note the bone just laying under his mouth. Luckily I look a little better. Not real motivated though.

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Calyx Meredith said...

Yay for 8 miles!! Eight miles was the first "magic" long run number for me. I used to hear real runners talk about going out for an 8 mile run and I would shudder wondering how on earth anyone could ever do that. :D It was awfully empowering the first time I did it myself. You're going to rock your 10K! And Duke? Is a TOTAL cutie! I love that he was too tired to stay awake even for a bone.