Sunday, April 26, 2009


Lot's of milestones this week! Did my first 9 mile run today. And all in all I was happy with the average pace of 13:54. That includes a bathroom break and walking warm up and cool down. I'm slow, what can I say? Had my highest week ever of 19.3 miles and I'm at 53 miles for the month, highest ever and the most important milestone....a little gross..ok a lot gross, but for the first time ever snot rockets!!! Not something I would want to do with anyone around I don't think but effective! Feeling a little more confident about the 1/2 marathon.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ohhh nooo.....

I was looking at bikes this evening....bad, bad I want a new bike.....not anything fancy, just something that would make riding a little easier....I was looking at the Trek 7.3...I would like to see the Trek 7.5....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring time in the rockies

This is what it looks like out my kitchen window this morning... can you say ick? I have a 9 mile run I am suppose to do this weekend in addition to swimming and cycling(!?) with the team tomorrow. Now while it is still coming down, it is possible it will stop soon and be melted by tomorrow, this is after all Denver and things like that happen all the time. But in the mean time I really need to come up with a game plan for this run. Do I just hit the treadmill at the rec center (oh my god I almost want to kill myself at the thought of 2 hours on a treadmill!) But the idea of 2 hours in that wet snow is not appealing at all either. Do I wait and see if it's melted by tomorrow afternoon? Will I be up to running 9 miles if I end up swimming and cycling tomorrow....oh decisions decisions!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

8 mile Easter

Wow time flies! I've not posted in quite a while. Things got a little crazy around here with. I've been keepin up on my running pretty good. I'm still pretty scared about this 1/2 marathon and that seems to be where most of my focus is lately. I've swam some but not as much as I should be. Hoping to get a little more serious with it very soon. The team actually did there first bike ride today, I was a little surprised that they were training today. I didn't make it but I did do an 8 mile long run. Slow, very slow, like 14+ minute miles, but what the heck 8 miles is 8 miles. It's pretty hard to run around the neighborhood for 8 miles I gotta tell you. I wish I had some scenic place to run. I think I will feel a pretty big sense of relief when it is done. And I can concentrate on the tri training. It is pretty obvious to me that I am never going to be doing more then an Olympic distance tri....I just don't think I'm cut out for this long distance running. I can not in my wildest dreams ever imagine doing a full a marathon. With as slow as I am I would have to devote my whole life to training.