Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Random 11

So I was tagged in the latest blogger craze by both Adena at she said I needed a goal and Karen at Working it out both of these lovely ladies have great blogs and if you don't already read them you really should. Thank you both and now  without further ado...

The rules of this post: (disclaimer I did not make them so don’t yell at me for them being difficult)

1.Post these rules.
2.You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3.Answer the questions set for you in their post.
4.Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5.Go to their blog (FB page or other Social site) and tell them you’ve tagged them.
6.No stuff in the tagging section about you are tagged if you are reading this. You legitimately have to tag people!

I changed this up a little since I was tagged twice. I answered both questions but only did the other stuff once.

11 Random things about me:

1. I never went to any high school dances, I couldn'tt wait to be done with school.

2. Both of my pinky fingers are crooked...they look like they have been broken, but they have always been that way.

3. I just don’t know what I’m going to do when my son goes off to the Marines. I will miss him and Im starting to get really nervous about this whole thing.
4. I’ve never broken a bone...knock on wood, crossing my fingers.

5. I keep thinking I’m going to try internet dating again... so I sign up but it takes so much work I just don’t end up doing it....I find that training  seems to get in the way of any other social life. :)

6. I am always cold at work. I wear a sweater year round and have a heater on my desk that is often on. I don’t however really own a “big” coat. And frequently don’t even wear one. Today it was around 27 degrees and I had a long sleeve t-shirt and a sweater on when I went to work

7. In high school I used to fall all the time...I would trip on little rocks and my own feet. Thank goodness that changed, again knock on wood, fingers crossed.

8. My blog is something I don’t really share with people in my everyday life. It feels kind of “private” like a diary I share with all of you. :)  My boys know about it, but have no interest and it’s only in like the last 1or so that I shared it with my parents. Other than that most of my friends and family do not know about it.

9. I have always had a really good immunity systems and it’s very rare for me to be sick. I hardly ever get colds, knock on wood, fingers crossed, and I almost never call in sick. I bet I’ve only had 3 sick days in the last 10 years.

10. Back in the late 70’s or early 80’s I spent about a week in a rented storage garage sticking these pom-pom things in a Styrofoam horses butt for one of the Broncos, (for some reason Randy Gradishar comes to mind) to sell and raise money for SIDS.

11. I feel like I’m getting meaner and less tolerant of a lot of things as with every passing year. If I live to long I think I might be a real bitch. :)

My questions from Adena:
1.      What is your favourite ‘weird’ food to eat?
Weird? Nothing I eat is weird...

2. If you could have any job/career at all, what would it be?
I have no idea.....I think that’s how I ended up doing what I do, accounts rec/payable and whatever else they throw at me. I just kind of fell into it after high school.  I don’t mind the work, but I do get a little bored with the routine. So if I could have a dream job it would involve something with less routine, maybe something where I move around, so I don’t work with the same people all the time.

3. Do you know how I can get my safari address bar back permanently?
 What’s a safari bar?

4. What is your best race memory?
The finish of my first ½ marathon. I trained for and ran this race on my own. I was still pretty new to all of this, I didn’t really know anyone who was doing this. The race was hard, I walked a lot and while I never thought I wouldn’t finish I had some rough moments. My mom had said that she thought she would see me along the course and when I didn’t see her I was kind of disappointed. And then I got to the finish line and I was trying to “sprint” to the finish and then I saw my parents and I was out of breath and starting to cry and hyperventilating all at the same time. It was a pretty emotional and almost a little scary, when I couldn’t catch my breath.

5. What is your favourite song right now?
Not sure if I would call it my favorite song, I don’t know if I actually have just one right now but this one always makes me happy and makes me dance in my seat...I’m a little embarrassed to admit this ..... Shufflin by LMFAO

6. What is your favourite training/racing gadget?
I don’t have a bunch of gadgets...not that I don’t love them but see # above...but I love my Garmin and hope to be able to update it in the near future.

7. Do you prefer to train with a team, or alone?  Why?
I don’t train with a team but I do love to workout with others. I love the social aspect and also I think that when I’m riding or running with someone I often push myself much harder than I do on my own.

8. What is in your fridge right now?
Lasagna! I made it yesterday to bake today. We are having my parents over for dinner (Happy Birthday Dad!) and I can’t wait. It’s been forever since I made it so I hope it’s good! Update...it was good. :)

9. Favourite TV show? (if you watch TV)
Two Broke Girls or Chopped

10. Favourite book? Oh gosh...I read quite a bit but off the top of my head I cannot think of one I would call my favorite. I did just finish the Hunger Game series  and I really enjoyed them.

11. Do you have any pets?  If so what, name, age.
 We are currently without any. After losing Duke a couple of months ago we are undecided as to if we want another...ok the boys want one, I’m not sure.

Questions from Karen
1.What was your favorite vacation of all time?
I cant think of a bad one! But I really enjoyed the vacation the boys and I went on to Puerto Vallarta a couple of years ago. They had a great time and it was so fun to experience it with them. I hope our upcoming trip to Cancun is just as good.

2.Snacks: Sweet or Salty?
Could be either...or both

3.What were you doing around this time ten years ago?
I wasnt in a very good place 10 years ago. I was just divorced and having a really hard time emotionally. I was struggling to figure out how I would support myself and my boys and feeling very betrayed with no self esteem. Mostly I was just trying to get through the days.

4.Hit play on your Ipod (iphone, cassette, 8-track, whatever).
What is the first song to come up? Green Day Boulevard of Broken Dreams

5.What was your favorite memory of 2011?
2011 was a good year. I have many tri related great memories and many good family memories also. I believe one of the best has to be the Rugged Maniac with my son Josh. It was just so great to be out there with him. I only wish my youngest son would have done it with us.

6.Google “(Your first name) needs”. What comes up? (Mine is ‘Karen needs facebook’ followed by ‘Karen needs a lobotomy fund’. LOL)
Julie needs Paper pleasing ideas----  What? It seems everything it brings up has to do with someone doing this game.

7.What is your favorite running or triathlon related product?
Right now the absolute best thing I have is  the stick massage thing....I LOVE IT! I do believe I will be investing in another one that is just a little longer.

8.If you could only do one race, which one would it be?
Ever? Or just in a year...really I dont have race that I feel like I have to do but one that looks like it would be a ton of fun is the Miami Man Tri. Ive read race reports and had a friend that did it and I just love all the fun touches.

9.Do you prefer to train alone or in groups?
I answered this one above.

10.What is the one race you wouldn’t mind doing over and over again?
I really enjoyed the Iron Girl races that Ive done. They just do a really nice job of making everything special. Unfortunately it doesnt always fit into my schedule.

11.What accomplishment makes you the most proud?
Other then raising what are so far two really great boys? I would have to say that Im quite proud of the way I set my mind to doing these races find a plan and while I may not hit all the workouts I do stick to them pretty good and finish the races that Ive set out to do. Its not something I would ever have guessed I would do.

 My questions to those of you who were tagged: And anyone who would like to answer them in the comments. :)
1.      Name 1 blogger would like to meet.
2.      Do you log your workouts? If so where or how?
3.      What is your favorite thing to do on a Friday or Saturday night?
4.      What are you addicted to?
5.      Do you share your blog with everyone?
6.      Tell me one way you are different then you were 10 years ago.
7.      Hot, medium, or mild, how spicy do you like your food?
8.      I’ve met people who barley break a bead when they workout and I’m always amazed at this! Which are you sweater or not?
9.      I’m thinking of doing a marathon, tell me which one you would do if you were going to do one and why? Or tell me about your favorite one you have done.
10.     Music or no music when you work out?
11.     I need a book for my trip to Mexico to read on the beach. What would you suggest?

Now for the final part to tag people. I will try to pick people that have not already done it, however that doesn't guarantee that you haven't been tagged. So if you have already been tagged...do with it as you please. I just look at this an opportunity to share some blogs that others might not have checked out yet!  

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Are you an athlete?

athlete: : a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina

This has been on my mind all week. This past weekend while talking triathlon with friends over coffee, I made the comment that I have a hard time considering myself an athlete, and an even harder time telling someone “I am an athlete/triathlete”. It’s much easier to say “I do triathlons” . One of the girls said to me you’ve done all of these things, ½ marathons, sprints, oly’s and even a 70.3. You can average 17mph on the bike and you don’t consider yourself an athlete? What more do you want? She was baffled. I tried to explain that while I knew when talking to someone who completes endurance races, most of them would never look down on me if I called myself an athlete. They know what it takes to cross the line, whatever the finish time. But tell someone that has really no idea what the difference between a marathon and triathlon is, and they look at you and  see a middle aged woman who is carrying 30+ pounds more then she should,  “athlete” is not a word they would use to describe me...ever. Obviously that is the way I too must look at myself.

WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT? She asked and I keep asking myself.

I can’t help but wonder if that is what drives me to go farther, to think about the next distance and can I do it? Will I then feel like an athlete? Who knows? Does it matter if I feel like an athlete? Maybe. Maybe not. Just what does an athlete feel like?

So how about you, are you an athlete?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stepping up...

This weekend a group of 6 of us women got together to for an early...really early...ride on the Compu Trainers at Peak to Peak Training Systems . They have opened a new facility down south...I live to the north of Denver and I've decided that everyone else lives down south.  The new location is at Orchard and Quebec. Which really at 4:30ish in the am only took me about 30 minutes so not to bad and it was quite a step up from my current set up.

 The garage...with the trash the old mattress the weight bench, punching bag and whatever other junk we can put in there. And on the early morning rides I do pretty chilly.

Now a look at the Peak to Peaks training room.
I'm clear to the right cut out of the photo...which I stole from their Facebook page 

While riding we watched, what else...triathlons. :) We did an almost  2 hour ride. It took a little longer to get started since most of us were new to this and had to have some explanations but it was very cool! We rode the CDA course. I know at least one of you who is thinking of doing this race and I believe 3 of the girls riding with us will be doing it this year. Not an easy course I must say. I made it over the first big hill during our 2 hours. 

My thoughts on the compu trainer... it is very cool all though when you are not a great rider the hills are a little a tough. I believe we were told that it functions best with speeds between 12 mph and 20something. Now while the first part of the course looks flat, it's not. The hills just aren't as long as those really big ones there. And when you hit the hills it is very noticeable. The first line across the top of the picture, below the elevation and part that tracks you,  there is the grade of the road you are riding. As you can see rider number one Kathleen is on her way up that second hill at a 7.1% grade. Several of the people are on their way up the hill at a 5.2 and anther rider and  (I'm rider #5) are in between at grades of  1-2 % . Now being my first time on these trainers I really didn't know what to expect but the hills they are tough. And if you can't go the optimal speed of 12-20 something mph it's even harder because your tire slips which makes it a little rough on the knees. I really had more problems on the shorter hills though than the long one. And lets face it you do have the added advantage of being able to just stop  and take a break without falling over. Not that I would do that or anything, I'm just saying..... :) And then the down hills, the downhills are nice but not nice like if you were out on the road. Instead of coasting at 35 mph downhill with no effort you still have to work pretty hard to go 20ish. All in all it was a really great workout! I got to meet some new people, have coffee with a couple of friends and talk triathlon, and best of all we plan to make this a regular thing. Not sure how often I'll be able to make it but heck we were all done by 8ish, most people are still having their first cup of coffee. It's a good way to start the day.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Thoughts....

I'm feeling good about 2012 so far. I'm making some good plans....I think, although it looks pretty similar to last year.  I've registered for 3 events so far including the 1/2 marathon, the Denver Century and Boulder 70.3. So I've got some commitments, some thing to train for, a place to start and a kind of plan in place.

Good workouts this week. Nothing crazy but I did manage to bike and run 3 times and swim twice! Yes I was in the pool two times in one week! Considering I've only swam twice since Boulder in August, twice in one week is a major achievement! During that first swim I spent some time thinking about my running. I had just finished a run on the treadmill. I hate the TM. It always feels so hard and it's so hot in there...wait I"m getting off subject and whiney, so I was thinking how running just never seems to get any easier, I never seem to get any faster, and I never seem to be able run any farther. Well of course I had one of those ahh-ha moments. Now I've had this thought before, it's not as if I don't know this but I finally think I realized that if I want to have some different results I'm going to actually have to do something different. Exactly what that something different is, I'm not sure, but I suspect what it comes down to is I just need to run more.

Overall I think I'm getting past some of the "aches" I've been dealing with recently. The sciatica/piriformis thing that I was dealing with is gone. The other hip issues that I had for weeks seems better, The really tight calves that I've had since switching to the Kinvara's is better. I attribute much of this to the fact that my boys (have I told you how great they are?) got me a "stick" impostor for Christmas and I've been a rolling fool.  However I am still dealing with some lower back pain, which comes and goes and my mild case of plantar fasciitis. It's not awful but my arches are defiantly sore in the mornings when I get up. Some days they are worse then others. So I've been trying to figure out what is aggravating them. I'm hoping it is not the Kinvara's because I love the way they feel when I run and I haven't noticed that they are more sore after I run. More I'm thinking it is the shoes I wear everyday. So I'm in need of some new work shoes. I don't spend that much time on my feet at work but on a typical weekend I seem spend most of my time "running" around. I need a casual shoe that is not an athletic shoe. Do you notice problems with your everyday shoes? What kind of shoe do you wear or find that helps with your PF?

Ok so here's a question for you. During a chat with Jill the other day she said that she thought it would be best to run at least one marathon before thinking about an Ironman. I've read that it's not necessary to have completed one before. I'm on the fence still about if/when I will complete a marathon, I've tried to find a way to get one in this year but I'm just not sure it will happen.  However an Ironman for 2013 is looking like a possibility. So I'm wondering what your thoughts/experience is with this. Should I plan to get a marathon in sometime this year or early 2013?

And as a final thought I just have to throw this out there


Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 By the numbers

Happy New Year!!! I hope that everyone had a safe and happy end to 2011 and that we are all ready to move into 2012.  But before we do that I have one last 2011 recap post. You can read about some of my 2011 favorites here if you missed it. And here is a look at 2011 by the numbers.

Let's start with the numbers this blog is all about - running, biking and swimming. Now while none of these numbers is that impressive I am happy to see that I have increased both my running and biking miles. And when I look at these numbers it never fails to amaze that I spent the first 40 years of my life doing pretty much nothing, and the idea of running a mile let alone 600 was just beyond my comprehension. The swim number dropped, probably mostly due to the fact that my pool was closed from Sept through mid December and I was just to lazy to find another one.
Miles for 2011
Run - 600.2 Mi
Bike - 1562.24 Mi
Swim - 59459 Yd
Miles for 2010:
Run - 472
Bike - 1,186
Swim - 67,056 yard
Miles for 2009
Run - 364.6
Bike - 484.8
Swim - 53,328 yard
Miles for 2008
Run - 500.1
Bike- 770.5
Swim - 36,256 yard

1- Half Ironman triathlon
1- Olympic triathlons
2 - Sprint triathlons
1 - Century
1 - Metric Century
1 - Half Marathon
1 - 10k
1 - 5k
1 - Adventure race

Blog stuff

Crazy I can't imagine that many people being interested enough to read even occasionally! Thanks to all of you who do follow and comment! I appreciate everyone of you for the inspiration, advice and the occasionally kick in the butt.

10 different countries have visited

Another number that has gone up over the years. I can't believe I've been at it for 4 years!
2011 - 143
2010 - 74
2009 - 62
2008 - 40

Now with that I'm heading out to get my first miles of 2012 in!

2012 -  Embrace the possibilities!