Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tryptophan anyone?

Ok so I was reading this article in this magazine from the Sunflower market called "Can't stop eating?" it is very interesting and talks about some supplemental support that will help in aiding you with addictive eating. (which I so think is me!) One of them it talks about is tryptophan. I recognized the name as being in a diet drug that had some problems. But the research I'm doing looks like it is really very safe and not only that but addresses all of the issues I've been having. It is suppose to improve sleep, relieve depression, and obsessing over food. I read in one of the articles that it is being used in the treatment of SAD.
Clinical research has shown mixed results with respect to tryptophan's effectiveness as a sleep aid, especially in normal patients[20][21][22] and for a growing variety of other conditions typically associated with low serotonin levels or activity in the brain[23] such as premenstrual dysphoric disorder [24] and seasonal affective disorder.[25][26] In particular, tryptophan has been showing considerable promise as an antidepressant alone,[27] and as an "augmenter" of antidepressant drugs.[27][28] However, the reliability of these clinical trials has been questioned.[29][30]

Here are a couple of links that I found interesting. ... t&dbid=103 Anyone have any experience or knowledge of this? It list a few other supplements that are suppose to help also, but this one hits everything. One of the others is fish oil which is suppose to help fight depression also. I used to take it and then stopped. Maybe I'll go back to that too. And last but not least...exercise of course should help...something I've been sorely lacking of late....gee do you think I've been doing anything good for myself? Something is going to's got to!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Food has been out of control. I need to get myself on track and start losing some weight. I guess it will not happen before my trip to Mexico in a couple of weeks. But I will need to get serious when I get back. An increase in exercise would certainly help! My running has been between slim and non existed. Have a swim assessment this week. Not that I need to much assessment to know that I need some real help! I plan to be able to swim with my face in the water this year! :) So I'm really looking forward to this swim training. The kick off for CWW was this past weekend. One of my friends went ahead and joined with me. I'm really excited to get started! I think this is going to be so much fun. My 1/2 marathon training is starting this week too. Although I'm doing a fairly easy schedule since my mileage has been pretty low I don't want to risk injury. I need to figure out a race schedule for the coming year. I'm certain that my goal is to do an Olympic distance. (although I truly can't imagine the swim at this point!) I just have to chose one. The boulder one is in July and the Aurora on in September. I have a fear of trying to do on in July already. And for some reason I'm guessing that Boulder is more hilly on the bike ride. Decisions, decisions! Must come up with a game plan!

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Official!

I now belong to Team CWW!
Let the training begin!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lafayette Oatmeal Festival 5K

Not a bad race and the weather was a little chilly but not to bad. I would guess the temperature was around 25-30ish the sun was shining and there looked to be quite a few people. My Garmin came showed a time of 36:06 but I will have to wait for the official time. Not sure what the clock time was but I think it was under 37. I do think it will be a PR although I really want to improve on it. Considering I've been pretty short on miles the last few months as well as carrying about 10-15 extra pounds. I really need to learn how to push myself a little more too. Although I did sometimes I'm sure that I could push it more. I went to have the oatmeal breakfast after the race but the line was pretty long and since I was on my own I just headed out and ate my banana and granola bar from my bag. I do enjoy the races but it would be fun to have someone running with me.
Edited to add results:
Official results for the race. Certainly room for improvement but I'm ok with it.
Official time 36:31
102 of 186 women in the 40-49
354 of 703 women
705 out of 1185 total people

Monday, January 5, 2009

Well Crap!

I just signed up for a 1/2 marathon in May....and a 5k this weekend....for which I have done no training...I guess I just want to get an idea how slow I am so I can use the time for training...for that OMG 1/2 marathon!!! What was I thinking!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 in review and Goals for 2009

So this is the post where I look at what I've accomplished in 2008 and what my goals for 2009 will be. Last year on my birthday I did a list of 43 (that's how old I turned) things that I wanted to do during the year. I did not do all of them but I did get almost 1/2 of them done. Many I would not have done had they not been on my list. Some didn't get done because of changes in circumstances, others just didn't get done. This year I think I will just set some main goals for the year.

1. I feel proud that I continued to run and ended up at 500 miles for the year.
2. I ran my first 10K
3. I competed in my first Sprint Triathlon
4. I biked numerous 30+ mile bike rides including the longest being 45 miles and biked to work a few times.
5. I volunteered at the Denver Marathon
6. In order to complete that Tri I managed to swim and complete several Stroke and Strides at Boulder Res. that helped me learn to swim in open water.
7. Planned and executed a very successful family reunion
8. Saved money and planned trip to Mexico for the boys and I.

Goals for 2009

1.Get to my goal weight of 170/175
2.Run a ½ marathon
3.Do an Olympic distance Tri
4. Step out of my comfort zone more often in personal situations
5. Push my limits in exercise.
6. Join Tri club
7. Get more control of my financial situation.
8. Make a will.
9. Learn how to swim right!
10. Work on more quality time with the boys.
11. Get new glasses
12. Maintain a cleaner house.
13. Paint in the Kitchen and bathroom
14. Spend more time with Mom and Dad
15.Really work on food issues.

Now to get to work on all of these things! Here is to a good year filled with family, friends, fun and exercise!

P.S The Wordle at the begininng of this comes from a link provided in Sarah's blog Thanks for sharing that with us. Very cool!