Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last week by the numbers

1-   son graduated from high school
Zach, Josh, stepbrothers girlfriend, stepbrother Mikey and stepbrother Jesse
5 give or take -  times I cried at graduation
1 give or take – times I tear up daily
43 – hilly miles ridden
1 – times I fell over on above ride
2 – times I’ve fallen over on my bike this year. Yes I’ve been riding for a few years
I all ways wonder just how accurate these are.
5702feet or 1728ms– the number it says I climbed on the BT elevation profile. BDD or someone, maybe you can explain these numbers to me...
0 –  time I swam
1bazillion – times I have coughed over the last week
139 – number of pictures we took to get 4 decent ones of me and the boys. 

7 – hilly  miles Josh and I ran / walked together Monday morning.
14.47 – pace of said run/walk including potty stops, horse petting stops, and coughing fits by one or the other of us, regardless of how slow it is we did not however stop to take a nap. 
10 – times I told Josh to just go ahead without me
10 – times he said it was all good 
 1 – son that now has a purple mohawk
Looks a little different doesn't he?
18- days until the Denver Century. I’m pretty sure this will be cut to either 85 miles or maybe even 62.
26- days until Josh leaves for bootcamp
46 – days until my first tri- I better start swimming

Monday, May 21, 2012

The weekend...

As some of you may remember I was supposed to do a metric century this weekend. Unfortunately they ended up canceling it Friday evening  due to a fire in the area and the poor air quality. I was kind of bummed, but a canceled ride is nothing compared to what the people in the area are going though. Thankfully because of a cool wet Saturday they were able to get some control of it.

As I said it was cool and wet Saturday morning, my plan had been to take my car to the shop at 8 and do short 30 minute run know that rain started right as I was about to leave the house. I went back and forth with myself on if I should call for a ride instead of running. I started to dial the phone at least 3 times before I just decided to HTFU and run in the rain. And as usual it was not near as bad as I thought it would be, although I’m not sure I would have wanted to run to much longer. I even managed to make it to the pool! After 7 weeks of no swimming I didn’t expect much but I did manage 1000 slow yards.

Sunday was a beautiful day for a ride! The temps were perfect and although I didn’t get in a full metric century I did get just a bit over 40 miles in.  I stuck to the bike paths, some of the ones around my area are amazingly empty and it was really quite nice. Even though they are flat I actually find them kind of challenging because of the fact that, like being on the trainer you really never get a break you just keep pedaling.  

Questions and observations from a weekend of training.

Why do some men feel the need to wear bike shorts and tuck in their t-shirts?

Why do so many people that ride wear gloves and no helmets? Are their hands more important than their heads?

Why do people take a lap lane and then just hang out at one end, the other end from the one where you would start, and never swim a single lap?

Why do people not understand sharing a swim lane when the rest are full?

Why do people wear head phones and then ride down the middle of a bike path?

Over all a good and productive weekend! Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Truths and Tidbits

I’ve done some kind of training 5 out of 7 days for the last 3 weeks.  Much better than I had been doing.

10 days until my oldest son Josh graduates high school.

I’ve  been to the pool zero times in the last 7 weeks. Is that good for someone who plans to do a 70.3 in August? Need to change that.

I’ve had some pretty good long rides, 40ish miles, but can tell my bike fitness is nowhere near it was last year. This past weekend was a long ride of about 54 miles 40 of which were enjoyable.

Some of you may have seen this picture......
It shows the amount of weight I had worked hard and lost last year. Thirty pounds. Sadly I’ve gained  about 2/3 of this back. No wonder riding and running is harder.

I have a metric century this weekend.

I’m not very excited about the way my pants fit...or actually the way they don’t fit.

My youngest son, Zach wants to get a mohawk, not really fond of the idea, but well it’s only hair, and it’s not the first time I guess. He had one, one summer when he was much younger.

I wish I was having more fun.  With the training, and you know looking forward to racing. I’m not. Have you ever lost it? Will it come back?

Do your drawers look like this? Really Julie? You may have a problem. These are all exercise clothes.....3 drawers! And there are a bunch of them that aren't even in there because they are dirty or still hanging up after being washed. It's crazy! I'm certain I have more exercise clothes than any other. 

I've been a crying fool recently...I cry at everything...and sometimes it's not just the watery eyes but full out sobbing...over tv shows!'s crazy...or maybe I'm crazy....

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I need some.....