Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I had an 8 mile long run on the schedule for today. After yesterday's ride I really wasn't sure that any running would be happening today. However as luck would have it I was feeling pretty darn good this morning. So I finally headed out on a run I had convinced myself would not happen. It was very slow and easy and I felt really good, had a short break to talk with a not to bad looking guy at the lake as our dogs sniffed each other, (can never pass up those opportunities) He was in dressed for biking, so of course I asked if he was headed out...on his way to work....ok wait back to the run. :) I felt really good absolutely no knee problems, calves got a little tight but stretched those out around mile 2 and continued on. I did decide to stop at 5 miles, deciding that if I was going to get anything else done today I would have to stop there. But I feel great that I did it. Just a few more runs and my first 10k next Sunday.. I'm a little nervous. I am such a slow...and I do mean slow runner. And not only that...I never run with out my will I do it?

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Michelle said...

It'll be an experience for you! Can't wait to hear how it goes. Good job getting that run in!