Thursday, September 18, 2008


Pic is of my youngest son...Isn't he cute!

This pic shows how I feel about waking up this morning feeling really good after a darn good tempo run last night. Now I'm a slow runner, and I may always be a slow runner (even though I'm taking steps to become a faster runner.) Last night I did a mile warm up and cool down, mostly walking and a tempo run of 3. 38 at 12:56 pace, and that includes watering the dog 2 times during those 3 miles. So I'm pretty happy with it. And this morning, no pain anywhere. Yahoo! Recently I have also come to the conclusion though that I have a hard time pushing myself. Now that may sound funny, considering a certain amount of pushing is required to go from a non exercising person to completing even a sprint triathlon, but it seems I stop short of pushing myself toward any real work. When I run I tend to stop and walk before I get to uncomfortable and I know I should push myself to keep running. I'm sure the same is true of all my exercise it just happens to be most noticeable to me in my running. I need to work on this...

This picture also shows how I feel about the fact that I am going to ride my bike for the first time all month!!!! I'm so excited!

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Sara said...

I would totally be that type of person to not push myself, thankfully with my basketball background and playing with injuries I learned what is good pain vs bad pain. So maybe come up with a song playlist that makes you not want to stop running so you can slowly learn the difference too!

That pic is so cute! Oh and more on the pushing yourself, I also think you are underestimating yourself, you probably are pushing yourself more than you know b/c afterall you are a triathlete!!