Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting closer!

Looks like there will be about 3500 women I will be in wave 9 this year with a start time of about 7:30. I think that will be much better then last years "buddy wave" . Not near as many people on the course yet. On the other hand...more to pass me! LOL! And speaking of funnies here's one that I got a chuckle out of.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

10 days until my tri...

and what am I doing? Well one would think I would be getting in some killer last workouts before a little taper...instead I started taper wait taper would imply that I was doing something....lets see so far this week, and it's Thursday, I've swam....once. No no wait...I've watched a lot of the Tour does that count? What do you think I should do during my taper... I better get a few workouts in in the next couple of days.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dangerous conditions...

Cycling, we all know it can be dangerous, but one would think that bike paths would be safer, after this weekends ride and all the obstacles I encountered I'm thinking that the roads are safer. Let's just say the kids, the dogs and the other bike riders! I had run ins with each of them on almost 30 mile ride Sunday. There are definitely plus's and minus's to both riding the bike path versus riding the roads. I can't get over how much I enjoy riding. I never knew that I would enjoy spending hours on the bike and look forward to the day I will be be able to upgrade to a road bike. I'm hoping to at some time this summer do at least a 50 mile ride.

I debated Saturday night and Sunday morning about what I was going to do. I wanted to go do an open water swim with the team, I could have done (tired) a 1 mile open water swim (which I've never done and not sure that I can ) or just do some swimming inside the lanes, and then go for a ride up there. But I just couldn't get myself motivated to make the 30 minute drive to Boulder as well as the money to do the swim and get into the reservoir. So I just swam at the pool after my bike ride.
1 x 300 warm up
1 x 300 6.42
1 x 400 9.18
1 x 500 11.18
1 x 100 cooldown
I started out not feeling so good, but by the time I was 1/2 way through things were feeling really good.

Also got in an almost 5 mile run. My running partner. My dog Duke gave up at 4.88. After dragging him nearly the last mile at 4.88 he laid down and was not getting up again. So I decided we would call it quits then.

So my totals for the week
Swim 1600 yrds
Bike 28.9
Run 11.6
A little short of what I was trying for but not to bad.

I can't believe the Tri for the Cure is in just 2 weeks. I'm kind of bummed because then that will be it. I'm done. I don't want to be done for the year. I wish I could do another, but I guess I will look to a Duathlon I'm thinking of as well as another 1/2 marathon. I'm thinking about doing an Olympic rehearsal with the group. No pressure I can just do part if I want. But I really want to try a mile open water swim. I don't think the bike will be a problem if I can get through the swim, but I'm not sure about the 10k after the swim and bike. But you never know unless you tri right? And I would really like to do an Olympic next year. I had thought I would this year, but just don't feel I'm there yet.

Wow sorry for the long post, I guess I have a lot on my mind this evening.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


asks the doctor... do you exercise on a regular basis?....Why yes I do....oh that explains the slow heart rate...

Can you say "oh yea!!!!" Made me feel really good!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend workouts continued....

Wow! How about that TdF!!!! They are A-f-ing-mazing!!! I can not believe the way those guys climb those "hills"!!

As usual good weekend of training, not so good weekend of food. Why oh why do I eat so much?

Friday night I swam 2 sets of 30 laps with about minute break in between. All freestyle...can we have a pat on the back ? So a total of 1500 yards

Saturday a nice easy 27 mile ride average pace of 14 but with lots of breaks including lunch. The girl I road with hadn't been on her bike much this year and was struggling some. Made me feel pretty good that I was not only keeping up but surpassing her. She has this cute little body and a great bike and is in good shape. Last year I struggled some to keep up with her.

Today a 4 mile run. 13.10 average pace. Not real great legs a little sore after yesterday and because I didn't want to stop watching the TdF I got out of the house later then I should have. I hadn't eaten just coffee and it was just over 70 dog was done at 3.5 he laid down rolled around and did not want to get up. Had to almost drag him the last .5

So as far as my weekly totals I fall short on the running of but the swimming and biking are good. Must get up this week more. I could still make the monthly totals even if I'm short this week. I can't believe the TRi for the Cure is in like 3 weeks! There are so many races I want to do and so little money to do them with! But I'm looking to see if I can afford a few other things in the upcoming months. Although probably not another tri, just rehearsals for that. I'm looking at at a couple 5k/10k's a 50 mile bike ride, a duathlon and maybe another 1/2 marathon. Will have to make some decisions soon.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend workouts

Weekend started Friday with a nice ride with a couple of friends. We did the Neva loop that I've been doing in the rehearsals. These are the girls that had originally signed up to do the Tri for the Cure last year with me, trained with me and then both ended up having to drop out due to health issues the week before. S had a baby a few months ago and was on bed rest for 3 months and modified bed rest for a couple before that. And J joined CWW with me but after a few weeks of swimming lessons life got in the way and she hasn't been training much. So for both of them this was a pretty long ride. We took it pretty easy and it was just a nice ride. Rained just a little at the beginning but soon the sun came out and it turned in to perfect riding weather. We headed back to the reservoir and did a little swimming. We must have had the time mixed up for the training session as know one was there till about the time we were quitting. I really only did about 3 loops inside the ropes which I believe is around 200 yards. But it felt really good to just get some open water practice.

Yesterday I did a very short 2 mile run. Followed by a few short strides that almost killed me. It has been so humid here. We have had a ton of rain recently and humidity is something us Denverites just aren't used to. I was dripping and my heart rate just sky rocketed during the strides.

Today a very nice longish bike ride. And just to prove that we have had a lot of rain....

This one of the underpass's that I had to detour around because it was flooded. Only a couple were actually closed but quite a few others were pretty muddy/sandy. It was a really nice but cool ride. Got started a little before 8 and it was only about 60. I don't believe it really warmed up much at all. In fact I thought it would rain near the end but never did. Ended up being right around 27 miles in right at 2 hours. So I average 13.1 miles an hour which considering it was train and I was not pushing it I was very happy. The trails are nice, but there are lots of sharp curves and other obstacles. Felt really nice though, legs were just a little sore after. Had thought about throwing in some swimming too, but decided that being lazy with the kids just sounded like a much better idea. :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Kind of pathetic

I was looking at my monthly totals and thinking I'm really not working that hard this year. So of course I decided to do the comparison to last year...and yep you guessed it...not working as hard.

June 2008
swim 6600 yards
bike 157 miles
run 38.07 miles

June 2009
swim 8550 yards
bike 117 miles
run 23.9 miles...yea like I said pathetic

So I'm making it a goal to do better in July. I want to make sure that my totals this month are higher then my totals for July last year so hear is the break down

July 2008
swim 8389
run 50.51
bike 149

Now to come up with a plan I figure if I
swim 2100 yards
run 12.5 miles
bike 37 miles
a week I can surpass last year. In so doing I will hopefully be more prepared and able to meet my goal of a PR at Tri for the Cure which is August 2nd.

Let the (more) serious training begin!