Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sprint Rehearsal #2

I was very nervous for some reason about this rehearsal. I'm not sure of the reason. I was a little nervous about the swim I was doing it with out a wetsuit and I was scared the water would be cold. I spent yesterday at the pool with my youngest son and swam a few laps, just didn't feel good at all. Couldn't get the breathing down, so these things combined to make me wonder just how this rehearsal would go.

Up at the normal time of 4:45 to get to the lake by 6:15ish. My wave started at 7:25. This was a combined Olympic and Sprint. The Olympic people started first. The water was as calm as could be. I was still worried about what it would feel like. The temps had been around 68-70 degrees. I got in and waded up to my knees. This isn't bad, I thought, waded up to my waist, still not to bad, and finally took the plunge...this is actually pretty refreshing! I was glad to have that worry over. Pretty soon off we went, we did it opposite of what we have done, so it was a little different. And we were of course swimming into the sun. The first buoy was almost impossible to see for awhile. I just followed the crowd. It seemed like I was keeping up pretty well, I even managed to pass a few people even at the end (not sure if they were Olympic or sprint though) . I was surprised that may time was 24 minutes I thought it was faster, but I felt good. Transition I think was about 5 minutes it was a long way up from the lake to transition. I would say that way over 1/2 of the sprint bikes were still in transition. Got off on my bike pretty quickly. Bike was pretty hard to start. In the first mile you have a hill that is pretty hard on those unwamed up leg muscles. I was working hard to try to stay in double digits the whole time, which must have paid off as my time was 7 minutes faster (1:08 for 17 miles 15.22 mph) I can't say that many people passed me either, not bad on a hybrid. It was a good ride, even with all the road kill. (And you know something else I've noticed since biking and running has entered my life...a lot of people throw up on the road.) Finished the bike feeling pretty good, although my feet were a little numb. Didn't get a T2 time, but was fairly fast although I did have to make a potty stop. Run was a pretty standard 39:29, a fair amount of walking. I really need to work on forcing myself to run. Had a very good time and I always have such a feeling of accomplishment when I look at my watch and its like wow all that and it's only 10:00. :) However it was downhill from there as I ended up laying around for a couple of hours after. Legs are feeling a little sore, but not to bad.

Here's to a good week of training this week!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hill Practice...

something I really need to work on. This is just a smallish hill by my house from start to finish it is 1/2 mile long. I'm planning to do some hill repeats on this for awhile and then try to move to something a little longer/steeper. This one climbs about 92ft in the 1/2 mile and I tell you my heart is pumping when I get to the top! I did it 2 times this morning, which probably is 2 more then I should have considering I'm doing another rehearsal tri tomorrow. But this week has been a total bust as far as training goes. I also just realized that the tri I signed up for is in 5 weeks. I was looking at my training log from last year and I was working much harder, so if I have any hope of improving my time I better get my butt in gear. Unfortunately I'm about 15lbs heavier and my running seems slower either because of that or because of the 1/2 marathon training, not sure which. Any way last year my time was just under 2 hours like 1:57, it would be so cool to improve on that.
So to that end July is going to be very focused on training and eating better. With any luck the extra exercise will help with the weight and some of the stress. Five weeks, I can make some changes in 5 weeks right?

Monday, June 15, 2009


I keep having the awful flashbacks to a moment on my ride yesterday, one I haven't shared because I was so traumatized by it, but now I feel that I just must write about it to get it off of my mind.

It only lasted a few short seconds, but it was wrong oh so wrong. As you were riding towards me on the path I see you, yes you old fat guy. You in your red bike short and oh my god NO SHIRT! with all your grey hair and love handles hanging out....shudder....I can't take it any more...wrong oh so wrong, please somebody make this vision go away!

Please, please where your shirt out there! God know I'm no skinny, but at least I'm covered!

Steve's giving away shoes!

Any one who reads my blog probably already reads Steve in a Speedo?! And if you don't you should! He is both funny and disgusting sometimes, ok frequently all at once! You gotta love him, and now he is giving a way a pair of shoes...go check it out....NOW! :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flats, trains, and lots of water!

The start of the day was a little rough, but ended up being a really great ride today and yesterday. Yesterday's ride was a little more hilly and much on gravel, exploring a new trail that I had never ridden before. Got lost a few times but it was kind of fun just wandering. Ended up with about 19 1/2 miles and then a little run (1.38 miles) for a nice little brick. I really have to do more of those, my muscles are not used to that hole transition thing. But I can tell after just a few of them they are starting to remember. Done with that just shortly before a crazy rain hail storm blew threw town. Glad I wasn't on my bike!

Today out to ride again, but started by finding a nice flat on my bike. I had a spare, but prefer the ones with gunk in them and also would not have a spare on my if I used the one I had so....wait for the bike store to open and go for a couple of tubes. Change the tire ( YEA ME! ) it was the front so easy, but still only the 2nd time I've done it. So finally I head out toward a different trail that I enjoy riding. It has quite a few sharp curves and is crowded in spots so it's just a nice easy ride, however before I get there what should happen but I get stopped by a train, as I rest against the side walk the sprinklers come on and proceed to get me wet...Is this the kind of day it's going to be? Luckily the train was short and I was on my way. Then I hit the "lake" ok it was just a puddle, but it was about 7" deep.... to go around or go through?? I decided to take the mud which scared me, wasn't sure I was going to make it through (it was about 2") I had visions of landing in the water! But made it. (on the way back took the water and got pretty drenched!)

On my ride I stopped by this pool I hope to swim in. It's the only outside pool that seems to have lap lanes that I could find. Rode by both on the way and the way back and neither time did it seem to crowded so I'm really excited to give it a try! I don't plan to do anymore open water swims until the water warms up just a little bit. I can't afford to buy a wet suit this year but I'm going to be keeping my eyes open for a good used one. Last year I did my first open water swim July 4th so I'm hoping that I can get in the lake around then and I'm a step ahead of the game since I already did the open water swim during the tri.

So an ok week as far as training goes 2 decent swims, 2 decent bike rides and 3 runs. Although I must work on the mileage of my running it's been reallllllly low.

Then we had another freaky rain/hail storm. It's crazy springish weather. And on funny note, my sons play roller hockey, indoor, and because of the rain and roof that leaks like crazy, games both Saturday and today had to be reschedules! LOL!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Woo Hoo Sprint Rehearsal done!

Rehearsal went ok I guess, didn't break any speed records, in fact I kind of reverted back somewhat to swimming without putting my face in the water. The temps were probably in the mid 50's outside and the water well let's just say not warm. But once you were in it wasn't to bad. Thank goodness for the wetsuit though. I really do like the sleeveless much better, but it will just take some real getting used to. The water was very choppy and I forgot to set my timer so I'm not sure exactly how long it took but basing on what time we were suppose to be started and my end time it was around 25 minutes. Slower then any of my open water swims last year. It was 800 yards. Really need to start swimming more. I did alot of everything, way less freestyle then I would have hoped. But either way I got the job done. T1 I'm sure pretty slow again, guessing, around 3 minutes, maybe more, long way up to transition too. On the bike and off we go. The bike was longer then most sprints (I think) which would be around 12 we actually had a choice to do only 10 or go for 17. I did the 17. Same ride that we did last weekend. This is the elevation profile.

Actually looks more intimidating then it is. Although those first 5 miles are a little though, it looks like it is mostly flat but you climb about 500'. Took me 1:15 and my average speed was 13.7. Most of it felt pretty good although I had adjusted my seat some, tilted it back a little, didn't really work for me as my whoha got a little bit numb. So will have to move it back down a bit again. The downhills are just fantastic. I really enjoy this ride for the most part. Amazing though the people that passed know the ones that really know what they are doing. Not people from our group but the ones that travel in packs, matching jerseys and passing like it takes no effort on their part. Amazing they are. Coming off the bike legs felt a little better then at the duathlon last weekend. I ended up having to stop in the port-a-potty and make a trip back to my bike after for my garmin which I forgot to take off my bike. Missed timing my transition again Guessing it's with the bike time. The run was lots of walking :) it is a pretty boring out and back run on a gravelish road. It's a little rough has lots of big rocks and not an easy running surface. Time ended up being 42:44, like I said lots of walking. So I'm guessing my total time was right around 2:20-2:25. Definitely some room for improvement there!
Now while I was on that bike and run I did a lot of thinking about the ridiculous things I've been doing to my body. From the food I've been sticking in it, to the lack of training, to the cigarettes I've been smoking on and off for the last couple of weeks (they went in the trash by they way before they become another habit I don't need) So this week I'm really going to work on finding my focus and doing something good for my body instead of abusing it.
So my goals for this week are going to be
training-- run 3 times swim 2 and bike twice.
food--think I'm going for phase 1. (South Beach)
I've got to do something.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Just signed up for the rehearsal tri this Sunday....I'm not sure I'm ready but you never know until you tri right. :)

1/2 mile open water swim, I'm sure that same 17 mile ride I did last Sunday and the the 5k run/walk...might be more walking/crawling.