Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's official.....

Dear JULIE ,

Congratulations! You are officially registered for the Triathlon Individual Intermediate during the Creek Streak, which will take place on 08/07/2010. We look forward to seeing you on race day.

I guess I'm going to do it. At least now I feel confident that I can do will just take me awhile!

It's been a pretty good week of workouts. I came up one swim short but otherwise got all my training in. Did my long run, 7 miles this morning and I can not believe how good I felt! I did a 30 mile bike ride on Saturday and a 19 on Friday as well as a 6 mile run on Thursday, so I was thinking, that I just might not make 7 miles...especially fairly hilly miles. After the first mile I felt really good. Now it wasn't that speedy of a run, I believe my pace ended up just over 13, but that included hills the first 5 miles, 1 potty stop, several short stop lights, one reallllllyyyyyyy long stop light and sitting down to get rocks out of my shoes. All in all one great run! Really restored my faith in myself.

So my Schedule for August.....

1st Tri for the Cure

7th Creek Streak

21st Holy Cow 10k (not sure about this one. I've wanted to do it for years the last time I signed up it got canceled due to crazy rains and flooding of the paths)

28th Iron Girl Sprint

Looks like a busy month! I'm still playing with the idea of Crescent Moon in September. Or possibly some other sprint. I really enjoyed the Crescent Moon last year though and love the sweatshirt! Any other good fall races that you Colorado folks like?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sportin' the Tri for the Cure

Now back to our regular schedule.....

Sweaty Betty-----Nice----------->

I have a long weekend! After the concert I knew I wasn't going to want to work Thursday so I took the day off...and who wants to go back to work on Friday, so I took another day! After only about 5 hours sleep, (since I didn't get to bed until about 1 a.m. and can't ever sleep in!) I went out to do my planned 6 mile my previous post was titled I felt like I was flying...not that I was going that fast but I sure felt light on my feet for some reason. Even after a few Sweaty Betty's last night, very good stuff by the way! The first 3 miles were most enjoyable...after that it got a little more difficult and the last mile not so much fun, but all in all a very good run. I spent some time thinking about what I have coming up in the next month or so. Tri for the Cure is next weekend already! And then there is something every weekend after that for the month of August....well that's if I sign up for the Creek Streak Olympic, which I'm planning on. So I have 3 tri's and I'm thinking of a 10k....does that sound like to much for one month? Yes kind of. I will need to be careful not to overdo it and get hurt but I don't think that will be a problem. I will use Tri for the Cure and the 10k as training. So any way part the reason I started thinking about all of this is that I was sportin' all the Tri for the Cure stuff today.Which by the way I love! This is the shirt from 2008 race. My first tri, not only do I love it because of that, but I love the fit. And or course I rarely run without my fav Tri for the Cure cap!

Sweaty Julie---not so nice------ :)

Time for me to fly!

I had the most fabulous night last night reliving some of my younger years! I spent the most beautiful evening at Red Rocks listening to REO Speedwagon and Pat Benatar rock, and yes they still can! REO had more energy then you can imagine considering...well there advanced ages... :) And I got to spend some time with one of my oldest and dearest friends to boot!

I forgot how truly beautiful it is up there!

You could not have asked for better weather! It was truly a perfect Colorado evening!

She has still got it!!! Amazing voice!

All I can say is if you haven't been to concert at Red Rocks ever or in a long's time to do it again! And if you want to test your fitness....go run or even walk those stairs! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

2nd baby step....I may be ready to walk!

I'm really pleased that I managed to go the distance!

I was unfortunatly awake at 3:00 am...not sure what that's about I wasn't really nervous eventually got up and then sat around for awhile and then you know how that goes your almost late leaving. I was surprised by how small the turnout was. I'm sure there were not 100 people. I got the feeling that things are not great at CWW this year, or maybe they just have a lot of changes to make since Yoli and it appears many of the other coaches left.

I'm not sure of my exact time. I didn't time my transitions but I didn't spend any time sitting around either so I imagine they weren't to long. I was again very pleased with my swim. Started just a little after 7:00 am 1500m 33 minutes, sighting was easier, I used the sun and on the beach there were no people to speak of so it's easier to see the buoys. We did two triangle loops without having to go to the beach. Nice. I'm amazed by how far my swimming has come. I just get in a pretty good grove and go not to fast but just steady and never feel the need to take a break although I do sometimes have to stop a little to get my bearings. Up the beach into transition pull the wet suit off bike shoes on and we're off. Bike is part of the ride I did a few weeks ago. The first five miles (including a sucky hill that you hit right after you leave the rez) and the first 6ish miles is that gradual uphill then a few rollers and then a fantastic down hill...then back to a gradual uphill for 7ish miles. According to the Garmin 28.66 miles 1:47 16.02 mph...not to bad, I was so ready to get off the bike though...I made some adjustments to my seat and while the knees now felt great, definitely some tender parts in the seat area....Transition 2 uneventful, bathroom break change to shoes and head out. I should say that the temps were in the 85-90 degree other words HOT AS HELL! I drank 2 bottles on the bike one with water and one with coconut water mixed with water, ate a package of the chomps..Gu Cliff I don't remember, also took a some of the electro something pills through out the day. The run......walk....well it was pretty, hot, shade on a gravel road out and back. "Gentle" rolling type hills..dumping water on my self at every aid station and I carried Gatorade. Did I say it was hot? First 2 miles really weren't bad, but it was all "downhill" so to speak from there. 12:33 and 12:58 then 14:00 13:21 16:26 and last 14:28...I went from doing 2/1 run/walks to 1/1 to what the heck I'll just walk! But I finished! And again according to the garmin 6.07 miles 1:24 13:58 average pace. So all in all the thing took me about 3:44 not including transitions. I was done D-O-N-E done! A little bit stiff but not to Who knows what tomorrow will bring. :) The boys and I went to a movie this afternoon as I said it's hot here...really hot and we don't have A/C so it was nice to sit in the theater and cool down. After going to eat some fantastic tacos! Those of you in Denver have you ever been to Tacos & Salsa...yummy!!! I was hungry although didn't eat as much as I thought I would, or even as much as usual. And because I burned a load of calories...I'm planning on some ice cream a little later! So there you have it, baby step number 2! And before anyone asks, yes I think I will sign up for the race, I think it will be an easier course and I'm pretty sure the bike is a little shorter.

Friday, July 16, 2010

1st step!

Can I just say I'm thrilled, yes thrilled with my first 1500m open water swim! I was pretty nervous before starting, as I usually seem to be, until I get in the water and then my nerves ease. We set off on the first lap I started in the back of the wave, it was not that big maybe 50-60 women doing the 1500m. I felt really good staying with part of the group for quite a while and soon the next wave was catching us, men 750m, but it was never to crazy crowded. I just kept swimming and it seemed like the sighting was going well. Around the first buoy and a short distance across and then turn to head back in...and then some of the trouble begins...the goggles are a little fogged, I have issues with my distance vision any way and of course we are swimming in to the sun,and those of you that have been out at Boulder know there isn't much on the shore to use, but still I feel pretty good. Hit the sand and run...ok not really run....jog down the beach to get back in. There were about 3 or 4 people just ahead of me and I see at least one running on the beach but not sure how many behind. Still feeling pretty strong I don't think I ever had to switch to a resting stroke but I did have to get my bearings a couple of time. So as I'm heading back out to the 1st buoy again, I feel like I'm never going to get there, looks like it is right there but never seems to get any closer, finally I'm turning and turning again and heading back in! Still feeling pretty strong and feeling like I'm giving it a little more effort as I know I've got it now. Sighting seems easier but it seems that every time I look up I need to correct, I keep getting off, I don't know if it was just my crazy swimming or what. Finished still feeling pretty strong and amazingly good. I could see there were still people behind me so I was happy about that! You know those people in Boulder are crazy fast! So even though I felt I was giving it more in the 2nd lap it was slower, but it does include the jog down the beach, either way I'm pretty thrilled with my time!

Lap 1 16:59
Lap 2 18:47
Total 35:45

Yes thrilled! I think I may have to give it another go in a couple of weeks and maybe even do the run too. Anyone else think it's harder to go from swimming to running then it is to go from swimming to riding?

2nd step coming up!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Perks and no Pain

Volunteer! What a great time I had volunteering at the finish line of the Boulder Peak Tri this past weekend, and you end up with a goody bag and a t-shirt. (I kind of like this one too! Pretty blue!) It is so much fun to see the reactions of everyone when they finish. I loved that almost everyone finished looking strong and happy. Somewhat unlike the finish line of a marathon. I saw lots of pain on many of those faces. If you've never volunteered I highly recommend it. It's fun! And best of all I got to see Kathleen from Dare To Dream finish. If you haven't read her race report hop on over and read it. She did a fabulous job in overcoming some pretty major obstacles that were trying to get in her way.

Baby steps. So this week is the week I plan to test the waters and see if I can actually do that Olympic distance tri I've been thinking/training for. Creek Streak Tri . My plan is to start with a 1500m swim tomorrow at the Stroke & Stride . I'm skipping the run part because I know I'm slow and don't want to be last. :) Ok that's only part of the reason. I also have a long run I need to do Friday and don't want to mess that up. And then my next baby step, I'm assuming here that the swim goes well. I've signed up to do an oly rehearsal with CWW on Sunday. Now if all goes well I will go ahead and sign up. I for the Creek Streak. There are not a lot of choices for oly tri's especially in August so I picked this one because I just don't feel confident in my abilities to do Rattlesnake and the only other one I saw was in Boulder but it's the evening/afternoon one and I wasn't sure that's what I wanted to do. So that leaves Creek Streak. While the course is not that exciting it is known. I'll be doing Tri for the Cure out there the weekend before as I've done the last 2 years as well as Crescent moon last year. Baby steps that's what I'm taking.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


All week I've been doubting if I could do this ride in Boulder. Although I've done the first 6ish miles of this ride last year, I kept doubting that I could do the rest. It looked like much climbing, the downhill looked great but that climb! Could I do it? I kept telling myself that once I passed Neva Rd I could turn at Nelson if it seemed to hard. If I was doing ok I would continue on to St Vrain Rd. I passed Neva and kept waiting for it to get difficult, and kept waiting and waiting....What? I'm at St. Vrain already? Where was the hard part?

I love the Boulder views.

If I had to pick hard parts I would say it was the first 6 miles as you slowly climb up. I altered this route some by starting in a different location and cutting back over to 65th/63rd instead of going all the way down 75th. I would say that the last part on 63rd was a little rough but not bad and certainly not to a point where I didn't think I could do it. Now here is a the elevation view from my ride.

Doesn't look near as scary does it? The difference between 50' and 200' increments makes a big difference.

Believe in yourself, you can do more then you think.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Exciting news!

I've been given the chance to do the Tri For the Cure !!!! I had decided early in the season that although I really wanted to do it, I would have to miss it in order to try some new races. So because I still wanted to participate I signed up as a volunteer swim buddy. Recently I was asked if I would blog about the race in exchange for a registration. YOU BET! I'm very excited for the opportunity to share!

Tri for the Cure was my very first tri two years ago. (2008 race report 2009 race report )I'll never forget my friend calling me and saying
K - "let's do a tri"
Me - "a WHAT!?!?!?"
K - "a triathlon"
Me - "are you crazy?! I don't swim, I don't have a bike and I barley run"
K- "so, let's do it"
Jokingly I mentioned it to another a friend and before I knew it her and her sister in law were in too. And I mentioned it on a diet website that I hung out at and a friend from Colorado Springs decided to give it a try also. In all that would be 5 of us. It lead to truly one of the best summers I've had in a long time if not ever. We spent many hours riding and training. In the end only 2 of us would end up actually doing it as one never got as far as signing up and the other two after doing all the training ended up having to drop for some personal reasons. (They did however train and finish the Tri for the Cure last year!)

Me, Jen, Shawna 2009

This is such an incredible race. It is simply amazing to see that many women of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities doing one incredible race. Because it's a sprint -Swim 750M (1/2 Mile)Bike 18.3K (11.4 Miles) Run 5K (3.1 Miles) it is totally doable for everyone. And they do everything the can to make it possible from training to swim buddies if your nervous about the swim. Believe me if I could do it I'm pretty sure anyone can! The last 2 years that I've done it it has sold out (although I don't think it is sold out yet!) I think there were about 3000 women! Crazy! All out there to support one cause. The whole day is pretty emotional from the beginning when you watch the survivors take off in a wave to the end as you watch women who never thought that they could do something like this, crossing the finish line. The feeling is one you won't believe. The power. There is nothing we women can't do!

I'm really excited to race Tri for the Cure again this year. (I am of course hoping to beat my time from last year. ) Although this means I can't be a swim buddy I do hope to be able to volunteer in some other capacity. So any of you Colorado women out there looking for a sprint to do on August 1st? There are several of you I'm still trying to meet up with!