Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Every little bit helps...

I can feel myself getting stronger every workout and it feels good! I did some thinking this week while out on the bike. I found a pretty decent route that gets me off of the bike paths and one that can be extended. I like the paths at busy times when I don't want to be on the roads, but it can be a big of a drag to dodge people and dogs, not to mention all the sharp curves and bridges. But I digress....this weekend was my oldest sons 16th birthday. I was thinking back to me and what I was like 16 years ago. I was heavier (even not pregnant) I smoked, and I did absolutely no exercise. So while having a 16 year old may make some feel old, I just feel good. Good about where I am in my life. And good about where my life if going.

Week 5 totals
Includes 2 bikes, 2 runs, 3 swims
Bike: 32 Mi
Run: 6 Mi
Swim: 2.5 Mi

Off to a good start this week too. Although I really need to get 3 runs in along with the 3 swims. I'm having a hard time scheduling it. I would really like get the extra workouts in with the Boulder Boulder coming up so soon. Even if I don't have a time goal, I would like to be able to do it with out suffering. :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 4

Week 4 was a recovery week and went pretty good. I actually managed to get my butt out of bed and run in the morning before work! Can you say yea me! It's time to get back in the habit of that. It's just so darn early! I have to be at work by 7:30 so that means getting up around 4:30...Not fun!
Totals for the week
Bike: 11.9 Mi
Run: 3.6 Mi
Swim: 1 Mi

I missed one bike ride and didn't get an extra swim in as I've hoped to do but all in all good.

I finally took the plunge too and joined Weight Watchers.....again.... I really want to get rid of some of this extra and see if I can't find some speed. It would be nice not to haul this booty up and down hills. So here goes nothing!

I also think (read I haven't actually signed up yet!) I'm going to sign up for the Boulder Boulder just for fun. I've not really trained for any running races, as you can tell I've not been running that much but I'm sure I do a 10k, wish it wasn't so hilly. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Oh what a beautiful day! Have I said recently that I am oh so ready for summer?

Week 3 of 20

Got all my workouts in plus an extra swim.

Bike: 33.8 Mi
Run: 6.2 Mi
Swim: 2.3 Mi

I really need to work on getting one of my long workouts bike or run in during the week instead of trying to do all of my long workouts on the weekend. My butt is a little wiped out from that and the normal weekend work.

Bike ride today was fantastic although I'm getting a little tired of bike trails, time to find some where else to ride. I don't mind the trails sometimes but there are so many sharp turns and people to avoid....oh yea and snakes! I saw the biggest snake I've ever seen on a trail. He was right in the middle of the trail and everyone was stopped. He was about 3 feet long and maybe 1 1/2 inches round in the middle...I get the chills just thinking about him...ick!

Run yesterday was good almost 4 miles doing a 2:1 run:walk. I was surprised to find that my pace was for me a pretty speedy 12.25. I really like doing the run/walk intervals and think I will continue it. I may bump it up to a 3:1 soon though and see how that feels.

Swim I think I could feel some improvements all though some critiquing of my form would be great. I'm thinking I need to find some swim lessons. I did a little bit of form work this week. I have no kick...none, fact when doing some kick drills it was almost like I was standing still. Must work on that....alot!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter.....and stuff....

Don't you just love baby butts!!!!

First off I need to say a fond goodbye to my Sissy...I sold her on Craig's list, less then 24 that was fast. When something goes that fast you start to wonder if you should have charged more! But I feel good about it. It cost me just over $100 to get 2 really good years of riding her, and she went to a home that I think will love her just as much, and hopefully encourage someone else to start riding. Goodbye Sissy....I will miss you...

Week 2 of 20 week Olympic training plan
Bike: 28.1 Mi
Run: 5.7 Mi
Swim: 1.8 Mi

I'm short one bike ride which if the wind dies down I plan to do this afternoon after Easter Brunch. (DONE!) I keep thinking I'm going to get an extra swim and run in there and it just keeps not happening. But at least I'm getting 2 of each.

I did a 1900 yard swim yesterday which I'm pretty sure is my longest swim to date. Some laps I felt like I had it all going on, everything just felt "right" and the next lap, well it would feel like I lost it. I think I will make it my goal to swim 3 times a week all through April and see if I can see some improvement.

Now must go get ready to make a piggy of myself at Easter Brunch....I love brunch!