Sunday, July 29, 2012

Evergreen Sprint Tri race report

This is a little fuzzy but I do want to get it down so  I'll do the best I can...just like I did at the tri. :) It also contains some of the worst pictures I've ever seen...but well what's a blog post with no pictures? :)

The alarm went off early...way early. I was a little worried about parking since it was pretty limited . It was a small tri 215 finishers, but also only one way in and one way with a 45 minute drive and a 5:00 transition opening I was up around 3:45. I tried to choke down a peanut butter and banana sandwich but was feeling pretty sick to my stomach. Nerves.  I arrived and got the closest parking I have ever had for a tri. I was literally parked right next to the transition area. It was great. It was a very cool morning. I met up with Aimee and Kathleen and we got all set up.

Me, Aimee and Kathleen

With out a doubt one of the worst pics of me I've ever seen...we were all cold and barley awake

After getting our transition areas set up we went and sat in my car to keep warm. Lucky for us due to some very warm temps around Colorado the water was actually around 67 I think..almost unheard of for Evergreen.

The swim: 18:27
We were all in the last wave. I've finally managed to find a pair of goggles that don't fog and don't leak and what a difference it makes for sighting! On the other hand because I could see I think I was it the middle of things more and never seemed to find clear water until the very end. And because of this I also never seemed to be able to find a groove. I'm sure that this had nothing to do with the fact that my swimming has been sorely lacking. The water was very murky and pretty weedy. The mud at the exit was crazy...sucking you in...I swam until I couldn't any more just to avoid it. This is the first race I've ever done that had wet suit strippers. I used them but don't know if it helped and because we had to go through so much gravel the mat we laid on was just covered and then of course so was I.
I borrowed some pictures... :)
T1 2:24..uneventful...slow

Bike 1:04
You may remember this from the pre ride
The pictures from this race were...not good. :) It really hit home just how much weight I had put back on.
I knew this was going to be hard. It's quite a bit of climbing and I knew that I had a hard time during the pre ride. I was passed by a few people all though there just weren't that many behind me after the swim I passed a few also. I just tried to stick to a fairly easy pace and do what I could. around mile 5 I saw  bike off to the side but know one around. It was turned upside down so I don't know if the problems or just gave up. I kept trucking and was doing pretty good until I hit the last hill. It's just after the 7th mile and probably the steepest one. I just couldn't do it again...I had to walk. There was another lady walking with me. Shortly after getting back on the bike one of the motorcycles went by with a girl on the back. For what ever reason she must have called it a day. Finally at this point it is almost all downhill...and it's nice, all though parts of it are so steep that you ride your breaks and still are moving at good speed.

T2 1:44
The "run" 40:38
This run starts first it's not so bad but I was not really doing much running but you just keep going up and up and then you get to the steep part. :) I think its about the first 3/4 of mile before you finally hit a down hill. While challenging all of this course is quite beautiful. The run goes through  a bit of a mountain neighborhood and along the golf course for this part. After a nice downhill you run by the lake before you get to the end and find some stairs to go a little more and then go up the stairs.
What can I say, awful...but at least I look like I'm running....slogging..or something. 
 Here I found one of the most fabulous volunteers I've ever encountered. She was running up and down the stairs with everyone...well maybe just us at the end but she was fantastic! As I started up she was finishing with another lady and she says..I'm coming doing to run up these with you and there she was just encouraging and being so very nice. It was awesome. From there it was all flat to the finish and I just ran and walked as needed. It was slow but I was ok with it and just happy to be finishing.
Total time 2:08

Slowest sprint ever....most challenging sprint ever...biggest accomplishment...first sprint ever not to have to stop to use the restroom during the race. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday three...Things I know Part 2

1.   I know that I finished the Evergreen Sprint...and I know it was the hardest sprint I’ve ever done....I also know I haven’t written a race report...not sure if I will get one done as it already seems pretty much of a blur, but here are a few pictures.
The goodies...truth be told I signed up because I liked the picture on the glass...I wish it had been on the shirt..but the shirt is nice too. 

This elk was hanging out right by transition. Not real happy with all of intruding either. 

The lake house

The lake. :)

Transition before it filled up. See that row of cars...I was parked right there...never been that close to transition before it was great!!! We got to sit in the car and stay warm while we waited. 

2.   I know that my training is only so-so...I’ve been getting some of it done. Swimming..I have a hard time getting to the pool. I’m sure that it is going to be one miserable weekend doing that crazy back to back...but I still have 3 weeks to work on it.

3.   I know my focus is not on triathlon. In fact right now I have little to no interest in most things tri.... I don't get to read blogs like should and obviously I"m not blogging. :) My focus is all things Marine...especially all things Marine boot camp. In fact that is a big reason I haven’t blogged much...most of my writing time is spent writing letters to my son (or tracking all the other Delta Company recruits on a Facebook group....) I’m certain he will regret having asked us to “write frequently if we can. “ My favorite quote from one of his recent letters.

"I am doing pretty good here, there are times it sucks but also times its not so bad (but not good). " That's my boy! He hasn't lost his sense of humor!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Three- Things I know

1. First tri of the year this weekend. know the one...I talked about it in my last post the one with the cold water, hills and stairs. I'm excited yet nervous. I know it will be challenging and I know I will be slow, I know there is every chance that I will be one of the last finishers, but I also know that I will finish.

2. First letter from my son Josh in boot camp..... "Food is good, sleep is minimal, exercise is abundant" I know this is tougher on him then it is on me. :) I also know that during above tri I will be thinking of him and giving it everything I've got.

3. I know you will enjoy this.

Good luck to everyone who is racing this weekend!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Nothing like a reminder...

...of how much your training has sucked this year....and just when I was feeling a little better about things.

This morning I headed up to Evergreen which in just a couple of short weeks I will do my first tri of the season (It's the first year they have done a tri up there since the 90's) and well last year when I was feeling pretty good about things (and may not have fully appreciated the course profile (did they post it?)  it seemed like a good idea.

Me, Aimee and Kathleen before the ride
 I met Aimee and Kathleen who would be joining me in this journey both today and during the tri.  I knew going in that both of the ladies are much stronger riders than I but I hoped not to hold them up to much, of course I did. I really had not taken in to account the fact that the ride started at 7100' and went up about 900' to 8000'. Even though Denver is at 5200' it is still a difference.
Doesn't really look that bad does it?
Holy I can't breath. Add to the fact that I'm not a great climber and still coughing, especially when exercising and I may just die when I attempt this again......providing I survive the swim.
The view after we started our descent.

One of the last hills...I had thought we were done with the hills.
The final descent is crazy fast...we literally all had our brakes on as hard as we could and were still  moving crazy fast! Pathetically even though I hit some pretty good speeds at the end, my average speed was just over 10...and that of course does not include all of the breaks I had...Did I say I'm really excited to do this again?
Aimee and Kathleen getting ready to run...ok walk the course.
After we finished the bike we wondered around trying to figure out the run portion. We encountered something that I've never had happen before and thankfully we were warned by someone. There was a mama elk guarding her baby and was chasing after people. She was chasing a lady who had a stroller and a dog and Aimee being fearless was yelling at the elk and distracting her. Yea Aimee! Kathleen and I stayed back a bit but Aimee she was as tough as that Momma elk.  I think we ultimately figured out most of it (with many wrong turns) and it should be pretty tough too. Basically we had a nice little walk. The altitude difference seemed very evident on the run portion. I have little doubt I will be one of the final finishers of this event.

 I can't decide if I ignored the course description or just didn't read it when I signed up,  as it contains sentences such as these

"the lake will be chilly"
" the challenging 12 mile bike course"
" includes the stairs down and up the dam, reminiscent of the Escape from Alcatraz tri."

Stay tuned.....