Sunday, June 27, 2010

Did I tell you I was racing with Potts today?

You thought I meant, no Andy's mom! That's right Andy Potts's mom was racing at the SheRox in Aurora. It was kind of funny really, after the race while standing around looking at the time sheets, this lady says to another that her son is racing CDA today and the other lady said something I missed and Mrs Potts says "he's expected to win, my son is Andy Potts" my jaw fell open and I said " Your Andy Potts' mom?" and she says with a sweet smile, "yes I am, you can touch me if you want. " Now if only Andy can do as well as his mom..she took first in her AG. (right now as I follow CDA he is leading at the start of the run! Go Andy!)

Ok now on to my race report. Packet pic-up on Saturday was pretty uneventful. It was good for me to make the drive out there and make sure I knew where I was going. It's about a 45 minute drive from my house out to Aurora Reservoir so not an area I'm that familiar with. It was very quiet when I got out there. I got there early thinking I would listen to the race meeting and get in a swim. Well I got in the swim but realized today that I never did go to the meeting. Oh well I guess I didn't miss much. I have to say the expo was not all that exciting, and the shirts well they are ok, but I find the neck to be a little high and choking, really thin and mine could not be any smaller or it would not fit. Kind of a pet peeve of mine, now I'm not the smallest of girls, (I ordered and XL) but this is an all women tri with lots of first timers and a big assortment of sizes and the XL was the biggest shirt they had. I'm sure there were many disappointed people out there who got a shirt they could not even begin to wear. Ok enough of that rant.

Can I just say I don't know if I love the clear waters of Aurora or if I'm creeped out by them. I loved the fact that you could see people in front of you, but I was a little funny about the idea of seeing anything else. Luckily I didn't (I think I kept my eyes closed!:) )

Although I really didn't feel nervous the day before I didn't sleep well, I woke up 3 or 4 times during the night but luckily was able to go back to sleep except the last time at about 3:45. Alarm was set for 4:20 so I just laid there. Finally got out of bed, dressed through stuff together and ate a pre race breaky of bagel thin with a little peanut butter and 1/2 a banana. Loaded the bike and headed off to the it's kind of funny the music I was hearing on the oldies station I was listening to....started out with "There's never been any reason" by Head East you know the one that goes...."Save my life - I'm going down for the last time!" and then the very next song was Jackson Browne's Running On Empty...I hoped this was not an indication of the way my day would go.

By the way...little update here Andy is still leading at mile 10 of the run...I think he will finish the Ironman before I finish my race report.

Finally made it to the lake and got my transition set up. The temps were a little cooler then I thought they might be I think it was around 55 or so. But not bad and the sun was shining a beautiful day it was going to be.

Before long.. you know after a couple of trips to the port-a-potty, it was time to get the wetsuit on and get in the lake. I was feeling pretty clam by now and very glad that I had done a little open water swimming this year. However I swear every time I see those buoys way out there I think they look way to far to possibly swim. This course seemed to be longer and skinnier then I'm used to. And we're off! I felt like I was doing pretty good, I never really hit it hard just tried to keep going pretty steady. I also used a few sighting ideas that I had heard recently like using the sun to sight off since we were headed straight into it and that seemed to work very well. I hit the first buoy very fast and the second pretty quickly after and the 3rd well it was really close to the second. Funny side note, I'm assuming it must have been my goggles (they are pretty new) against my swim cap but I kept hearing this funny squeaky noise, either that or I'm older then I think and my joints are getting bad! The longest part was the way back in. I knew I was passing people from other waves in front of me and felt good about that. I hit the end and swam almost until my hand touched. I always manage to be a little off when I first stand and am always thankful when I don't fall and make a fool of myself. Now as just a small reminder here, I just learned how to actually swim with my face in the water last year. So I don't consider myself a very strong or fast swimmer so I'm always surprised when it turns out to be my strongest of the part of the tri with that being said.....

Swim time 22:26 this includes a pretty long run up the beach to transition

111 out of 310
Also thought it was really cool that they said they didn't have to pull anyone out of the water during the swim everyone finished! Fantastic given the fact that I talked to several people that were doing their very first open water swim!

T1 2:43
I was a little worried about this after my wetsuit issues at the Stroke & Stride and the fact that I had to get my bike shoes on for the first time. But I was ok with this. Could for sure use practice. is it possible on an out and back type ride to go uphill more then you go down? It sure seemed like we did. I was a little disappointed in my bike time but it was also much hillier then I have done in past races. "rolling paved route " they call it. It was most certainly rolling, nothing to steep but seemed you were either going up or up...oh yea with a couple of good downhills but very little flat. At least that was my take on it. I have to say to that there were many big "cracks" in the road that made me nervous, I could just see my tire getting stuck in one. I made the decision not to take my Garmin and just use my lap watch to time myself but I wish I had it to see just what it looked like. Of course usually it doesn't look near as hilly as it feels. :) All in all I was happy with my performance, passed a few people, got passed by a few but felt I kept a pretty steady pace. Must ride hills more!

Bike 44:02 13.6
162 out of 310

T2 2:35...again need to work on this.

Run, I pretty much stuck to my 2/1 run/walk and felt pretty good about it. Again the run course was a bit up and down and very little flat (who knew Aurora was so hilly!) the hills were much more gentle on the run then the bike. If the mile markers were right I had a good run (I almost think it must have been short based on my times.)Again I kind of wish I had taken the Garmin...guess I won't do without it again.
mile 1 11:58
mile 2 10:13
mile 3 12:03
.01 1:24

Total run time 35:40 pace of 11:31
220 out of 310 I just suck at running:)

Total time 1:47:24
21 out of 40 in my AG
163 out of 310

Did I have fun today, yes! Did I feel like I gave it everything I had, not quite but close. But all in all while I will do another race out at Aurora Res, I'm not sure I will do this one again. I was a little disappointed in it. The Wahoo tacos at the end of the race seemed a little strange to me. And to tell the truth even though it was only 9 in the morning, I really could have gone for a beer.

Thanks to anyone who made it through this very long race report!

And from the Ironman site I leave you with this


Race TimeMile 20 - Men's race
Any Potts is in total command of this race at the 20 miles into the marathon. Michael Lovato is having a stellar race today and has run himself into second place, 12:15 down to the leader. Australian Courtney Ogden is currently running in third, 12:59 in arrears to Potts.


Race TimePotts at 23 miles
Andy Potts has just past 23 miles and without a sign of anyone close to him. Looks like he is about to win his first Ironman title of his career here in Coeur d'Alene


Race TimePotts at 25 miles
Potts has put his run on cruise control as he just run through the 25 mile aid station as he makes his way to the finish line.


Race TimeAndy Potts - 2010 Ford Ironman Coeur d'Alene Champion
Andy Potts has just added the Ford Ironman Coeur d'Alene title to his already impressive race resume. Potts took control of this race early on the bike and held the lead for the remainder of bike and throughout the run for the win here today.

Congratulations to Andy and his Mom! And anyone out there who finished any kind of race today!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Stroke and Stride

So I headed up to Boulder last night and did the Stroke and Stride. It's a really fantastic event. The folks that put it on do a great job. I didn't go last year at all but the crowd sure has grown since 2008. The last time I did it there were only 2 waves, one for the 1500m and one for the 750. This time they had 4 waves one for men and one for women for both distances. The photo above is actually from after and I'm sure many people were gone. Looks like there were around 400 or so total. I was really nervous about the open water swim as it was my first of the year. The wind was blowing and the water was a little choppy. The outside temperature was right around 80 and water temp I believe right around 68, all in all it was a beautiful Colorado evening.

You can kind of see the chop on the lake and the buoys. It always looks so far to me. I gotta tell you it was kind of rough. I took one big gulp of water not to far into the swim and had to stop and choke for awhile and I never seemed to be able to find a groove. I even felt a bit dizzy and almost "sea" sick or something. I'd not practiced any sighting and that was quite obvious but I didn't do to bad until we turned to come back to shore and were swimming into the sun. I had gotten some new goggles (that didn't fog YEA!) and have a grey lens thinking it would help with the sun issues, well not so much, I could not see where I was heading at all. I was trying to follow the crowd but it felt hard not being able to see what I was swimming to. It was with a happy heart that I left the water. :)

swim time 750m 19:32

Transition....slow very slow, for some reason thought I should sit down and try to get my wetsuit off my feet....not smart, knew that...thanks to a nice lady who pulled it off for me. I also have not put any of the speed laces in my shoes yet...I guess I have some things to work on before my tri next weekend.

Transition 3:09

I started out on my run with the idea of sticking to my 2 minute run 1 minute walk and kept it up almost the whole way. I did end up walking just a little more in the last mile. I could really have used a little Gatorade, a gel or a little something besides just water to drink I think. At the start there was this guy that would pass me and then I would pass him we did this three or 4 times at one point he said "are we going to do this the whole time?" "Could be" I said...nope I kept to my schedule and soon left him behind. Hope he didn't mind being "chicked" especially by a slow one. I got passed...a lot... by all those people that swam 2 laps and run way better then I do, but I didn't mind one bit, I knew no matter what I wouldn't be last across the finish. My best times from 2008 were all over 1 hour so I was hoping to get under and I made it but just barely.

Run 36:30 11:47 pace (which is awesome for me!)

Total time 59:10

Surprisingly this gave me 3rd in my age granted there were only 8 in my age group, one I'm convinced actually did 2 laps on the swim as her time was 54:10, and one was DNF but still I may never, ever be able to say I was 3rd in my AG what the heck I'm going to say it! LOL!

After there was tons of pizza and other goodies...can you say brownie bites...YUMM which I ate as I sat looking out at a lake that now looks like glass...why does it always smooth out after the race? I didn't stick around to long as I was on my own but it was sure a beautiful night all that for $20. Who could ask for a better deal.

Not the best picture but you can see how smooth the lake was after.

I'm really glad to have been able to get out there and get a little practice in and I for sure will try to hit up a couple more this summer including trying out the 1500m, I still keep thinking I want to do an Olympic but last night I was just not convinced that I could have done the distance.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Recovery week?

I think I took it way to far. This week has turned out to be a bust. I only got one run and two swims in. I had big plans....big, big plans.....but the rain has washed away all my plans and ambition. Wait! I did watch 2 triathlons on TV this afternoon, do you think that might help some? I was also able to get some things done around the house which is nice. Things like cleaning usually do not take priority over training. :)

I'm a little afraid that I may be coming down with something, alot of body aches and just general feeling icky going on yesterday and today. Taking Ibuprofen, zinc and Vit C. Hopefully it will be back to training as normal tomorrow.

I've just realized that my first tri is just 14 days away. I'm a little nervous. It's a sprint and it's women's only so it's not like I can't do it, it's just been awhile. I need to get to the lake. Maybe the Stroke and Stride on Thursday?

I feel very very lucky today. While wandering around Beginner Triathlete this morning I saw a post for a free CycleOps bike trainer, FREE! With the state of my finances that is the only price I could afford these days! I went and picked it up and tried it out just briefly, works well! Many many thanks to the wonderful person who passed on something he couldn't use! Not really sure though, should I have a different rear tire for using on the trainer? Or is it ok to use the same one? Does it wear?

I need to get a little more experience with the clipless pedals too. In my neighborhood it seems that I have to stop at the top of a lot of hills (stop signs/lights) and I'm having a whole lot of fun learning how to get up the hill and still unclip before I stop. I also read something one time about someone falling over going up a hill (Old Stage Rd in Boulder I think) because she was going to slow. So now I have this real fear of trying hills that look really intimidating. Any helpful hints will be appreciated. Or is it just something that will eventually become easier and second nature as I get more practice?

And the scale is moving...slowly, but moving, kind of like me.... down 12.6 in 8 weeks. I'm good with it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Update time....

First off totals from last month....
Swim 7.7 miles
Bike 148.3 miles
Run 44.3 miles.

I found this interesting.....

June: 6.5 Mi...........1:22:42............... 12:50 / Mi
May: 44.3 Mi.......... 9:17:32............... 12:36 / Mi
April: 22.0 Mi......... 4:38:22................ 12:41 / Mi
March: 21.4 Mi ..........4:32:31................ 12:46 / Mi
Feb.: 17.3 Mi ..........3:47:25................ 13:09 / Mi
Jan.: 25.8 Mi.......... 5:41:26 ................13:16 / Mi

Thankfully I'm getting more miles in, but I can also see the increase in speed...not fast yet, but improvement is improvement!

Missed my swimming last week, so need to get back to it this week. Hoping to join some folks from BT to do some riding up in Boulder and with any luck some open water swimming. Need to get my butt in the lake...oh wow that reminds me I was soaking my wetsuit this morning...guess I better go get it out of the tub. :)

Well I did it....I fell over on my bike. Yep you know it had to happen as I get used to the new shoes and pedals. Because of a flooded underpass I had to go up and cross the I was going to push the Walk button, I had one foot unclipped, going for the button and the next thing I knew I was going down. Yep right there in front of everyone at the stop light. I didn't even look...just got up and brushed myself off. Bent the brake handle thingy (that's the technical term if you were wondering) in, but my son who is much stronger then me was able to push it back so the damage to the bike was minimal as was the damage to my body, a couple of bruises and some scratches. My ego it's fine too, after all "it happens to everyone" right?

Looking forward to possibly meeting some of you this weekend!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Boulder Boulder 20 10k

Boulder Boulder 20 10k is done! And what a fun time it was too! You could not have asked for a more beautiful day. Ok I as usual wouldn't have minded a little cooler but really it was beautiful. I'm actually a bit sunburned but that is mostly from sitting in the stands after the race waiting for the Elite runners and the the memorial day service they do. This is one incredible race. It is either the 2nd or maybe the 1st (depending on how many people there were today) largest road race in the country. Today there were almost 54 thousand people!!!!The first wave goes out at 7 with the sub 38 minute runners ( you must qualify for the beginning waves) and then go off continually until 9:20ish. There is a cutoff to because you must be done before the elite runners went off just after 11.

This is a bad pic of myself and Jan the girl I ran with right before the start.

For some reason we got signed up for the military wave, which didn't really matter it was not all military, we did however have a little eye candy for a while! To bad we couldn't keep up with them.

I really wish that I had taken my camera but it would have been hard to snap pics on the course anyway. However amazing stuff happening out there! In addition to many costumed runners, there is literally music or entertainment on every corner. In addition to the crowd that is passing out bacon...yes bacon. and boy did it smell good cooking, donuts, beer, marshmallows, Doritos, tequila shots and who knows what I'm missing. Needless to say I stuck to the water and Gatorade.

Now as far as the run, well I can't complain, there are a few hills, with the one at the end right before you run in to the stadium being the worst. Went out pretty fast (for me) and knew I would need to slow it down some. Missed the first water stop too, which was not good because I was thirsty before we even started. But all went went well, luckily the water/Gatorade stations were plentiful. All in all with the little amount of running I've been doing, I feel pretty good about my performance.
overall place:30824
F45division place:247 out of 459
gender place:14198 out of 26011
mile 1 11:18.85
mile 2 12:15.34
mile 3 13:31.09 must have been the potty break
mile 4 12:39.73
mile 5 12:10.09
mile 6 12:50.98
net time:1:17:23.03
pace:12:28 (based on net time)

My one and only other 10k had a time 1:13 two years ago, and I know I was running more then.

After the race we proceed went and grabbed a seat to watch the rest of the happenings.

Can you believe the number of people running in?!?!? It was just continuous like that the whole time until it reach shortly after 11 when the elite runners would be starting. And of course most of the people in the stands were runners/walkers. It was amazing to watch them up on the screen and come running into the stadium also. They amaze me! After they finished there were some parachuters. Dr Oz was there ran and gave a short speech and a 21 gun what a day!

Well that turned into a very long race report, but it was pretty packed run!