Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Plans for the week

Monday- HIIT on the TM done
Tuesday - Lower body strength and W2 D1 of the 100 pushup plan done
Wednesday- TM run 3 miles done
Thurday - upper body W2D2 pushups nothing
Friday - HIIT TM only 1.67 miles of HIIT (tummy issues) and W2D2 pushups
Saturday- Stationary bike and lower body strength training
Sunday- Long run

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Exercise Plan for the Week of December 8-14th

Ok so I'm going to Mexico in February and I've been putting on weight like crazy...not good, it would be nice to at least fit in my summer stuff when I go so since I seem to do so much better with a plan I'm going to put down here what I intend to do for the week, that way I can't mess around trying to figure out until it's to late, or I talk myself out of doing it. So without further ado....

Monday- Week 1 day 1 100 push up plan and upper body workout in the morning Done

TM easy run after work Didn't happen

Tuesday- 30 minutes on the stationary bike in the morning Nope, but did a 3.9 mile TM run after work

Wednesday- 25 minute HIIT in the morning nope nothing done

W1D2 100 push-ups and Leg workout did this on Thursday

Thursday - Swim in the morning No

Evening Upper body workout No

Friday - Off

Saturday - Run outside or TM depending on weather, try for longer outside run 4 mile easy run

Sunday - Stationary bike and swim W1D3 push-ups no bike or swim but did do pushups

Actual in red

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I RAN!!!

I ran this morning!!! Nothing special but I've not been in the groove and this morning I could have talked myself out of it very easily..almost did, it was around 30ish but the sun was shining....it was great!!! Did 3 miles at for me a pretty good pace of 12:52. It felt so good to be outside and running. I'm glad I went. You know what is funny, when I was getting cleaned up after...I was looking at my face and everything just seemed to look better..my skin, the bags under my eyes. Now my food has been awful with a capital A so I know that's not it. I don't know if it was indeed the run, or just feeling better about my self for having done it, either way it's a much nicer feeling to look in the mirror and think things look ok.

Running miles
November: 33.1 Mi
October: 43.7 Mi
September: 53.1 Mi
August: 50.5 Mi
July: 50.4 Mi

See a pattern here...I've got to change that and get some more miles in. It looks like I will make 500 miles for the year which I'm pretty happy about, this being my first full year runing.