Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last night was my final class with the trainer. A one on one. We re-did tests that we had done at the beginning, 8 weeks ago. I was happy to see that my body fat percentage went from a 22.9 then to 19.6 YEA!!! I lost no weight because I've been eating like there was no tomorrow, so I was happy to see some results anyway! Maybe it will encourage me to get back on the diet wagon and lose some pounds!!! I was also able to go an inch farther on the sit and reach test, but my sit ups only went up one in the one minute time frame to 21...I so need to work on that. Anyway got some new exercises that I will be trying to do on my own, as I don't think I can join the class again this session. Wow....if that BF% is any where close to right, that is a pretty healthy percentage....amazing considering I'm still quite overweight.


Calyx Meredith said...

More than 3% in 8 weeks! That's fantastic. Yay you! Good luck with the next phase, but it seems like you've gotten yourself in a great routine.

Sara said...

That change in BF is awesome b/c really that is what counts! Sounds like a great percentage - I would be happy with that for sure!