Friday, October 3, 2008

My life as a sit com

Fridays photo is actually from Monday. I had jury duty this Monday and well at the risk of offending someone I have to tell you that it was the most bizarre experience! I'm not sure that that is the way to put it but...wholly cow what a mix of people! I know that's the point, but I'm telling you in the group I was with that got called back, there were 2 ladies there that were easily in their late 70's with one probably in her early to mid 80's. There was one man who was so large that I really did not think that he would be able to sit in the chair. And my personal favorite, the young girl who when we were still in the main room continued to text while a judge was up front talking to us, which wouldn't be so bad if she had turned off here ringer, and then when we were called back proceed to get pretty "green" and say that she needed to leave because she was so hung over...and it was very obvious. And then there was the defence attorney... The man was the worst! He looked exactly like what you would think of when you think of a shyster/ambulance chaser lawyer...he had a limp, a lisp, and a twitch. His hand gestures were extreme. The case was a DUI (makes you wonder about the above girl and how she got to the courthouse! LOL!) and I'm pretty sure if the defendant had, had even a remotely decent lawyer she could have gotten off. What a day, we barley got to a decision by 5... And I completely forgot about the lady who approached 2 other jurors and myself at lunch...she said she had a fight with her husband and did not make it to jury duty, but she could not go back and tell her boss that. So she wanted to know if we could explain to her how selection went, and wanted to know what kind of case we were on....very strange...I pretty much, scratch that, I did just say "good luck with that" . Now on a more serious what a huge responsibility! It was hard to make that decision especially when feeling like really neither side had done the case justice.
Now as far as training for the week...been very light. Only one very short run and 2 strength training classes. I plan to run tonight, and get in at least a short swim. Biking tomorrow and hopefully a long run on Sunday. I need to make a schedule, without one I flounder. I don't know what to do, when to do it, or for how long. Another thing to do this weekend. But I keep thinking I need a goal. Maybe I don't, other then to improve all of the above for next season, which for me still requires a plan.

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