Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Great running!!!

So this morning I just had the best run! It was an easy run and everything just felt right. It was coolish about 50 degrees, dark and quiet. I decided to just kind of ignore the Garmin and run easy. I was going to go 3 did an extra 1/2 and would have done more had I had the time. When I loaded my run I was really excited to see my graph.
I never ever have that smooth blue line, that shows I was staying pretty consistent as far as my speed goes. It made me very happy! Now it was as usual pretty slow, 12.49 was my average pace, and my average hr was 144. Not to long ago 12.49 would have been a real struggle, so I feel great that it seemed so easy this morning.


Tea said...

That's amazing consistency.

I'm ready for the half! Are you running it also?

Tea said...

btw---are you doing any specific HR training?