Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thoughts from my bike ride...

This weekends ride was the first time that I have done a longer bike ride by myself. I was suppose to go with some friends but for one reason or another they had to cancel, so that left me to do the ride alone. I was determined though to get out on that bike. It was a coolish morning around 60 degrees and overcast. I decided to ride the bike path to Golden, I knew that would be around 30 miles round trip. So one of my first thoughts as I head out is...I really need to ride more often. I so enjoy it! About 3/4 of the way there I pass 2 couples taking a break, the 2 women of the group (both pretty large) are off their bikes sitting there smoking. Thought number 2...I am so glad that I quit smoking and started exercising. It's not a hilly ride you climb about 500' over 10 miles, most very gradual but one killer hill as you crest out at the top before descending down in to Golden.

Looking down over Coors Brewery

At the top of the hill, I had decided that was were I would turn around, I got off to have some Gatorade and a Lara bar, my legs were shaking. Thought number 3..riding by myself sometimes is good. I rode the first 1/2 without stopping at all. When riding with friends we tend to take quite a few short breaks. After a short break I turned around and headed much fun going down hill! I did the whole ride trying to keep it pretty easy. I have a tendency to put it in a hard gear and then end up with sore knees. So I stayed in the two smaller rings for the whole ride and kept it to where it felt easy and just spin faster. On the way back out passed the two couples again. The were putting their bikes on the car this time women smoking again...Thought number I'm really glad I quit that!

We have had such beautiful weather here in Denver, I am so not ready for winter. The trees in town this year however have been pretty disappointing. This picture does not do these justice, but there are a few pretty ones. About 3/4 of the way home the legs are getting tired...thought number ?... as my quads are starting to cramp, Julie you can not go out after not riding for 2 weeks and do a 30 mile bike ride...this isn't smart . Continue on easing up a little knowing that I'm going to have to climb some hills to get home.....ok here comes the hill before I'm home. It's not that big, but is fairly steep...thought number??...I'm going to end up walking a hill for the first time, no I can do it...just sit and spin Julie...Oh my gosh, I'm going so slow I may go backwards...just keep spinning...Wow! I made it to the top! Good ride 29.37 miles 2 hours 21 minutes.