Sunday, October 19, 2008

Volunteering what fun!

OK so how fun was today!!!! I had a really great time volunteering at the marathon. The weather was beautiful! Started out cool about 45ish and went up to the mid 70's or so. I have to say though...I've never seen so many snotty noses and bleeding nipples! OUCH!!! Started out working in the food tent and then ended up handing out water at the finish line and then from there to entering numbers for the manual timing check. So how exciting to be right where it all was happening! Got to watch as they all took off which was very cool also. I believe there were about 8 to 10,000 runners in all. We were handing out water when the winners crossed the finish lines too and it was so cool! Imagine my surprise when I recognized the 4th guy to cross for the 1/2 marathon! It was a guy that I was talking to at the 10k that I just did. He took first there. It was wild to see him cross and recognize him..he was so close to the 3rd they were fightin to the finish. Oh my god the pain some of those finishers were in...I just can not believe the guts it took for them to finish. I had tears in my eyes many times. Amazing people, just amazing! Not sure how it made me feel about running one. I think I may end up running a 1/2 not sure if I can even contemplate a full.


Stef said...

Volunteering is the BEST, for the athletes and for yourself. Glad you had this experience and got to be where so much of the action was.

It is so inspiring to be around these athletes and watch all levels finish. They are all inspiring in their own way.

Sara said...

Wow good for you for volunteering, I think I should look into that!

Jane said...

Hi! I think you are reading my blog! Hope I'm not scaring you away from this sport!