Sunday, October 26, 2008

Knee pain...and rambling...

I seem to have some pain in my left knee, well kind of below the knee actually. Not sure what that's all about, but I think it has more to do with the walking lunges and squats that I've been doing during my class with the trainer. It hurts a little getting up out of the chair and on stairs. I did manage to get in a 4 mile run both Saturday and Sunday. Should have gotten in some bike or swim time, but didn't happen. I actually got a few things done around the house! That hasn't happened for awhile. :) Tomorrow is my last class with the trainer. I don't think I will be doing another one right now because money is a little tight. I've got some other minor health things going which are going to result in some extra medial bills...soooo I will have to come up with some things to do at home. Actually will be kind of fun. I have some great DVD's that I haven't used since last winter. I don't want to quit on the strength training that I've been doing. I can also workout when I run at the rec center.

I've also been looking at joining CWW (Colorado Wild Women) a triathlon training group. Sounds like a pretty good deal at $350 for full season, with swim lessons, which I need, need, need....I have til January to think about it I guess.

Wow...a lot of rambling.. :)

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