Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oh the joys of running....NOT!!!!

It's important for you to get out and run around for a little while.

Today's you think 8 miles is enough. :)

Long run this morning was suppose to be 9 miles. I just couldn't do it. Ended up just over 8 with the entire last mile walked, and the other 7 very, very, slow...even for me! I'm not sure what was wrong but from mile one everything just felt hard. I'm not sure that my new shoes are working for long runs. the feel great for shorter runs, but last week I ran with an older pair and things just felt so much better. Or maybe this run just sucked. I so just want to be done with this 1/2. I really think I bit off more then I can chew with this one. Before I head out for these runs, I just have such a nervous stomach it's crazy, I can't imagine what I'm going to be like on the actual day. And I still can't imagine actually going 13.1......that's pretty bad when it's only 2 weeks from tomorrow!

Did a little bike looking again today. Went to the Trek store...oh my....I'm in love I really like both the 7.3 and the 7.5 leaning a little toward the 7.5. I'm going to do some more thinking and keep trying to talk myself out of a new bike.

Plans for tomorrow are to swim. I plan on joining the group although it is not suppose to be nice and we are now swimming in an outdoor pool, so I'm having a bit of trouble with that idea. After the swim is a transition clinic which I'm sure will be helpful. But the weather may just see me swimming at the rec center instead. But I really need to get a swim in. I'm going to commit right here and now to swim at least 2 times next week. I'm going to sit down and plan my week as I seem to do better when I have a plan and am not trying to just fit it in where I can.


Diana said...

I've so just let all the worry go from this, my first HM. I have decided to really just enjoy it. I'm not out to impress anyone with great times or the like, I just want to be able to complete it and then get the tattoo!
You'll be just fine too, let it all go and just have fun. All the excitement will get us through our first HM's!!!

Calyx Meredith said...

Some runs just suck. It's just stressful and hard to remember that when the sucky runs happen right before your first half! Hope the swim went well. Good luck these next two weeks!