Sunday, May 17, 2009

Woo Hoo I ran a 1/2 marathon!

It's Done!!!!

Can I just say Woo Hoo! All in all it went pretty darn good I would say. Amazingly nothing really hurt (not even the toe/foot part that always hurts!) until the last couple of miles and then my a$$ was a bit sore. I did a lot more walking the last couple of miles too. I can't believe how really fast it went. Not a lot of people out on the course cheering which was kind of a bummer. In fact my Mom had told me last night that they were going to try and be some where around the mid point. I kept looking and looking and nobody there...Got a little emotional around mile 10ish felt like I wanted to cry for no good reason, because Mom wasn't there or just because of Auntie Flow who knows. One really weird thing, my heart rate monitor had my HR at over 200 almost the entire time. Not possible I don't think. Not sure why or what was up. Any way at the very end I kicked it up to the finish line and saw my Mom, Dad and Brother, between the kicking it up and the emotions I really started having a hard time breathing, it was a little freaky but after I crossed the finish line and stopped it took me a minute to catch my breath and I was fine. Wow I'm glad that's done. Will I do it again.....maybe.

Final time according to my Garmin 2:59:04 13:34 pace

Again can I just say Woo Hoo!!!! And guess who got a pedicure?

Had to pay a little tribute to those hard working feet!


Diana said...

Nice job Julie! Congrats on you achievement!

Calyx Meredith said...

Woo hoo!! That's fantastic! Sounds like you had a great run.

Oh - and my HRM did that too. Turned out to be a sign the battery needed to be replaced.

Congrats again on your 1/2!!