Sunday, April 26, 2009


Lot's of milestones this week! Did my first 9 mile run today. And all in all I was happy with the average pace of 13:54. That includes a bathroom break and walking warm up and cool down. I'm slow, what can I say? Had my highest week ever of 19.3 miles and I'm at 53 miles for the month, highest ever and the most important milestone....a little gross..ok a lot gross, but for the first time ever snot rockets!!! Not something I would want to do with anyone around I don't think but effective! Feeling a little more confident about the 1/2 marathon.

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Diana said...

Way to go!!!!!
Snot rockets! I haven't had one of those since the cold winter left! Just make sure you do them downwind to avoid hitting yourself! LOL!
Nice job on the mileage-we are in the same boat!
Bring on the half mary-I think we're ready!