Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Milestones!

10 miles! I did it! And not only that most of the 1st have of the run was in the rain! Also a first! The first few miles were very good then had a couple not so good ones but all in all I was very happy with it. Now I'm slow, and will always probably be slow, but I was happy with my time average pace of 13:58 and that includes one bathroom stop, one stop at the car to refill water and slam some Gatorade, 2 phone calls from my son and walking the last 1/2 mile to cool down. Not to sore after, did some good stretching iced the knees and we will see what tomorrow brings. So for the week I ended up with a record 21 miles run and 2 swims for a 2400 yards. A good week. I really will be glad though after this 1/2 marathon training is over next weekend. I'm pretty sure that I have discovered I'm not into the distance running. I think I will stick to the shorter races maybe maxing out at 10k. Of course I've been known to change my mind too! :)


Diana said...

Great job Julie on the run! The firsts are always the best! I might be in agreement with the long distance stuff, I don't think it will be my cup of tea either!

Calyx Meredith said...

Fantastic! Those are some great milestones there. You are going to have a super half marathon. Enjoy your taper.