Sunday, May 3, 2009

Now that was nice!

As if to make up for the awful run yesterday, today's swim was absolutely fantastic! Bar none the best swim I have evah had, EVAH! We swam outside and I debated long and hard if I was really ready for that. It was pretty overcast and maybe 50 degrees when I left home. But by the time I got to Boulder the sun was out. While still very sceptical, I was there and I was swimming. The water was fantastic! Not only that but all of my swimming just seemed to come together. Not that I still don't have a long way to go but I just felt really good. after we warmed up we did
3 x 100 swimming out any style and back freestyle
then for speed we did
1 x 400 (time 11:40)
1 x 200
1 x 100
1 x 50
trying to improve our speed each time. My 50 came in at 1:10 I think which is fantastic for me!

This is really the first time I had no problems inhaling water. I really had no idea that I could swim that much freestyle. I'm just thrilled with myself. And as I said the water was so nice, the temp and it didn't have near the chlorine in it that I've become used to. I'm just so excited about my swimming progress! Can you say WooHoo!!!

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Michelle said...

WooHoo!! Swimming is awesome when it all comes together. Congrats on a great day out!