Sunday, August 31, 2008

Decision made

Well I'm bummed but I finally made the decision not to do another tri this year. Financially I just can't right now. (I'm going to have to start a fund for next year! ) I have signed up for at least one 10k as well as a class with a personal trainer that goes for 2 months, that will start on the 8th. I want to sign up with Tri club that is registering now and starts in ?January? So at this point my plan is to just get stronger and be ready to compete next season...I'm going to need a new bike at some point too...I don't think Sissy is going to cut it. But not right now.

And on that note had a pretty good ride yesterday. Forgot my had to pick up a new one at the bike store, but that's ok a spare is good. A couple of the girls that went with us were in from out of town and don't ride much. They rented some bikes. I struggled some, would guess in part because of the 6 mile run the day before and in part because of the absolute crap I've been eating! The route was not real hilly but had one 3 mileish hill which climbed about 300' (not big by many, maybe even most, people standards) and one smaller steeper hill, and then just some rolling stuff. 33.8 miles, 2 flats on the rented bikes, but other then that good.


Steve Stenzel said...

Yeah, tris get expensive!!

And nice ride after that run!

Sara said...

Thanks for the congrats Julie!!

I'm the same way with tris (even though I've only just done the one now). I'll probably keep it to a few a year and will probably never really get any of the toys b/c it is an expensive habit!! But training for one is just so much fun and you don't need an actual tri or any gadgets for that!

P.S. When there are some many ironmans out there it is nice to find someone who is also relatively new to this tri world!