Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday rides....

Happy Sunday all!

Good day so far! Went on a 45 mile bike ride this morning/afternoon it was fantastic! We took a bike path that goes clear across Denver. It is a very flat ride along the river the whole way. Some day I would like to do more of it, but for today this was a good start. Kind of funny because we were about 10ish miles into the ride and looking at downtown on the horizon and I said I can't believe we are going to ride that far. So we rode through downtown and kept going and finally when we were reaching around 22ish miles we turned around to head back. When we were stopped to turn around we looked back at where we were headed and it was at least as far back to downtown as I had seen from the other side. Kind of cool to be looking at it from the other side. Then I took my bike in to the bike shop and had them adjust a few things. The front brake was rubbing, had them put on knew pedals and adjust a couple of other things. He told me I needed to oil my chain, which I came home and did. (Note to self: I need to get on line and see about some basic things I should be doing to keep my bike in order.) He was just amazing..just fixed up these little things like that. Of course he probably does it a 100 times a day.

So also at that 10ish mile mark I was thinking about running a 1/2 marathon....and how far we had ridden and I was trying to imagine running that....can't....but would like to I think.


Sarah said...

Congrats on the ride!! I actually found a great site with a schedule for maintenance of the bike.

Julie said...

Sarah, great link thanks! And thanks for stopping by!