Sunday, August 17, 2008

Easy run...

Had a very good long (for me) run of 6 miles this morning. I started last week on a training program from Runner's World, (using the Smart Coach) for a 10k I'm going to run in about 7 weeks. So far 6 miles is my longest so it will be interesting to see how this goes. I'm working at making my long and easy runs easy though, and keeping my heart rate/speed low. Today's run was verrrrrry slow, but I kept my HR in zone 2. Took me about an hour and half which is a 14:56 pace...pretty, no as I said above verrrry slow, but that does include a potty stop and a stop to water my dog who runs with me. It was a very nice run, although it was very humid after all that rain. Even though I didn't work hard I was pretty wet when I got home. Oh the schedule for this week, is a short 2 mile easy run, 5 mile speed work and a long run of 7 miles...that makes me nervous adding another mile.

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