Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last week by the numbers

1-   son graduated from high school
Zach, Josh, stepbrothers girlfriend, stepbrother Mikey and stepbrother Jesse
5 give or take -  times I cried at graduation
1 give or take – times I tear up daily
43 – hilly miles ridden
1 – times I fell over on above ride
2 – times I’ve fallen over on my bike this year. Yes I’ve been riding for a few years
I all ways wonder just how accurate these are.
5702feet or 1728ms– the number it says I climbed on the BT elevation profile. BDD or someone, maybe you can explain these numbers to me...
0 –  time I swam
1bazillion – times I have coughed over the last week
139 – number of pictures we took to get 4 decent ones of me and the boys. 

7 – hilly  miles Josh and I ran / walked together Monday morning.
14.47 – pace of said run/walk including potty stops, horse petting stops, and coughing fits by one or the other of us, regardless of how slow it is we did not however stop to take a nap. 
10 – times I told Josh to just go ahead without me
10 – times he said it was all good 
 1 – son that now has a purple mohawk
Looks a little different doesn't he?
18- days until the Denver Century. I’m pretty sure this will be cut to either 85 miles or maybe even 62.
26- days until Josh leaves for bootcamp
46 – days until my first tri- I better start swimming


Jill said...

I'm getting choked up just at the thought of you getting choked up; I know how hard it is to see your baby move away. You raised him well!! Now, as for the Mohawk kid, that's another story!! ;)

How fun you and your son went for a (long!) run together. Pace doesn't matter on those types of runs! Something you will laminate in your memory bank forever :).

43 hilly miles is great! Let's go for a ride when I get back...I need some bike work, bad!!


Duckie said...

5700 ft of climbing?!?! I am gonna die this August. :/

You are one tough lady on a bicycle!

Julie said...

You know Duckie I'm sure I'm reading that wrong...I think its actually the 1700 number...but as I said I don't really get it...nor know how accurate. But it was quite a lot of climbing!

Jennifer said...

Love the family pics!!! Hope you didn't get hurt falling off the bike...?

Diana said...

What fun! Love the family photos. I can't even get my son out of his room, let alone pose with his "parents"!

Pace is over-rated. I always average out between 12-13 and really don't care. I'm at least out there and not hanging out on the couch. We do what we can....

Terzah said...

You look so pretty in the graduation photos--that must be so amazing. Will and Ruth's preschool had a pre-K "graduation," but it was really just a big party--no crying for me. I'm saving that for the big day 13 years from now when I'm standing in your spot. I can't imagine having a child headed to bootcamp.


Denae Coates said...

I like the numbers :)
Great family photo!!

Christi said...

Great pictures!

I am doing the Denver Century and was thinking of going down in mileage as well. Let's ride together!

Deb said...

Oh, I don't know how I'll deal when High school graduation comes along. I was getting teary when I attended a kindergarten orientation this week.

I know I will fall over on my bike again. I try not to be too cocky, because if I am, I'll fall over in that moment, I'm sure.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

So many great things in this post, minus 5700 ft of climbing No Thank You!!!!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Congrats on all the achievements!!!!

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