Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Shoes and seriousness

Can you say new shoes? I know that I just has posted about getting new shoes. I had purchased the Saucony Cortana's. They just didn't work for me mostly because they have this really hard rubber toe thing that rubbed on my toe and caused major pain.  I've been getting my shoes at Road Runners and while I think it is a little  strange that you need to pay for the VIP program it has been well worth it. I've been able to try some shoes that I might not have and return them when I decided I didn't like them. And in this case it worked really well because when I returned the Cortanas I was able to get two pairs of Kinvaras the 2 and the new 3's and it only cost me an extra $4.39!  I'm looking forward to trying the new 3's. I really like some of the changes they made. I wore them this morning when I tried to run this morning and they felt really good, however that was mostly a walk. And the other new pair of shoes the Brooks Pure Flow's that I got from a certain someone who didn't have great luck with them. I've only tried them once since this illness has kept me from much running.  So I should be set for shoes for some time.

Now time for the seriousness. Above you see the training that I've done this year and last year through June. Here are the numbers.
Jan 2011            2012                                        
S - 6100 yards      4700
B - 93                   135
R - 43                    50

FEB 2011           2012
S- 4600            2950
B- 77                   66
R- 50                  26

MAR 2011          2012
S- 10150              3400
B- 145                  91
R- 66                   40

APRIL 2011         2012
S- 5300                  0
B- 119.                  67.
R - 70                    47

MAY 2011           2012
S- 8650                  0
B - 344                 232
R - 55                    48

Yep it's pretty bad. Which brings me to the serious question. I'm seriously considering withdrawing from the 70.3. It's the first weekend in August, 8 weeks away,  and after going back and reading my race report from last year I've really started thinking. Anyone who knows me and knows how cheap I am knows how hard it would be for me to give up almost $200 by dropping out. But it's been a hard year so far and June is just not looking any better. I've had this chest cold for 2 1/2 weeks now and while it's getting better training is still almost impossible and I don't know when it will improve, everyone I know that has it (and there are a bunch!) have had it for at least a month!  There is also my son's leaving. I'm trying to spend any time I can with him. This is not a huge problem as I can usually train when he's not here but training has not been my priority. But what it all comes down to is I just don't feel like I'm going to be prepared for this. I have until the 20th to decide and get back a little bit of money. So what I'm thinking is maybe I should just focus on the crazy back to back (Olympic on Saturday, Sprint on Sunday) that I also signed up for that is mid August. I'm not sure this makes any sense but I guess what it comes down to is this...is there any way I could finish the 70.3 given the training I've done? Yea I don't think so either.

Thoughts? Insights? Have you ever pulled out of race?


Terzah said...

I have pulled out of several races recently--I know how hard it is, and not just from a financial point of view! But the reality is, you know yourself and it could be that for you (like for me) this just isn't your time. Sometimes the priorities just have to lie elsewhere (even when you've shelled out a lot of bucks).

My only regret is that I was looking forward to coming out to cheer for you at the 70.3! Next year!!

Bron said...

I've never pulled out of a race - do date anyway, although lots of people on my squad have with illness etc etc.

You're already looking at the situation in a very realistic way - are you going to be able to put in enough to get to the race? If you don't put in enough, will you be happy with the result?

Sometimes just writing down the pros and cons can make the decision a bit easier. Plus it already sounds like you've got a couple of other cracking race options to look to instead.

Do what is best for you, not anyone else. No one will think less or more of you.

Kathy said...

Grrr ... touch choices here.
You've got to look after yourself and decide what the race means to you. Just to get through it or to be able to give it all you have?

Diana said...

Its really difficult to make this decision when your body says one thing and your mind says another. 70.3 is no joke and you certainly wouldn't want to have a miserable time at it.
Your Son leaving is also no joke-spend the time with him while you have him near.
In the end, after all our opinions, it's your choice. Listen to your body and your heart!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Personally, I still think you have time to train for it, yes its going to hurt, it was going to hurt anyways. It is a tough decision, I just think if you cancel and come race day, you might regret it

Michael said...

First I absolutely love Road Runner Sports!! That's where Jim and I get all our shoes and it is so worth the $1.99 to go VIP. The 90 day return guarantee is great. I just ordered a new pair of Newtons and they are expensive, but what better way to try them out and have options if they don't work out.

On the 70.3, I agree it's tough, but you have to make the right decision for you. If you aren't feeling up for it, and family time is important right now, than maybe it's waht you need to do. You just need to weigh how disappointed you'll be come race day if you don't do it. The good thing is I pulled out of a race last year that I was sooooo ready for due to my shoulder injury and I was devastated because I had put all the time in, at least so far you haven't put as much training into and aren't being forced to pull out. I think it's a little easier when you are in control of the situation. Best of luck with your decision.

brg said...

It sounds like you heart isn't in it and you would be doing it just to "save" the money. However, if it's just going to be a sufferfest and you won't have any fun doing it - I'd say pull out. You have completed triathlons before - you have nothing to prove. Focus on your back-to-back races and having fun at them. :)

Jill said...

Hey girl...
Just getting back from California and catching up.

Sorry you've had a chest cold for over 2 weeks, that sucks and really makes it tough to get out there and tearing up the road when you feel like crud. Hope that stuff vacates here soon!

I've had to eat the cost of so many races in 2010 and 2011 with my foot and it's not fun, and so hard to swallow the costs, but it just wasn't going to do me any good to run it when I couldn't. I'm about 99.9% I'm not doing PP either as I just can't get in the training I need to to be ready. So I hear and understand your cries. These things happen and it's just part of this game, unfortunately. We're not paid athletes and these races are our jobs....we have lives and sometimes life gets in the way of what we hope to accomplish...that's just how it goes. There's other races, if that's where you heart takes you. Listen to the inner-Julie and if it's not right, then who cares, pull out and you and I'll go on a long bike ride and you can kick my sorry biking butt! :)

Oh I am green with envy over the Kinvara 3s. I so want to try those!!!! I just got the new Brooks PureFlows in white and purple and I wore them for the first time in San Diego...ugh, I should know better than to wear new shoes never worn for a half marathon. Hahah.

Let's get together soon. I'll email you!!


sugarmagnolia70 said...

I love RRS! That's my running store! Always so helpful when I go in.

I've never withdrawn for a race, but for a race this big, if you don't feel ready, I wouldn't blame you. It's not something you can muddle through---or can you? Only you can decide..but whatever you decide will be the right decision.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I would back out if I knew I wasn't going to be ready. But I am odd in I'd rather have a DNS than a DNF.

I had the cold thing for about a month. It sucks...right when you think you're better it hits you again.

Ultimately it is up to you. You can always go next year or do another one.

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