Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Truths and Tidbits

I’ve done some kind of training 5 out of 7 days for the last 3 weeks.  Much better than I had been doing.

10 days until my oldest son Josh graduates high school.

I’ve  been to the pool zero times in the last 7 weeks. Is that good for someone who plans to do a 70.3 in August? Need to change that.

I’ve had some pretty good long rides, 40ish miles, but can tell my bike fitness is nowhere near it was last year. This past weekend was a long ride of about 54 miles 40 of which were enjoyable.

Some of you may have seen this picture......
It shows the amount of weight I had worked hard and lost last year. Thirty pounds. Sadly I’ve gained  about 2/3 of this back. No wonder riding and running is harder.

I have a metric century this weekend.

I’m not very excited about the way my pants fit...or actually the way they don’t fit.

My youngest son, Zach wants to get a mohawk, not really fond of the idea, but well it’s only hair, and it’s not the first time I guess. He had one, one summer when he was much younger.

I wish I was having more fun.  With the training, and you know looking forward to racing. I’m not. Have you ever lost it? Will it come back?

Do your drawers look like this? Really Julie? You may have a problem. These are all exercise clothes.....3 drawers! And there are a bunch of them that aren't even in there because they are dirty or still hanging up after being washed. It's crazy! I'm certain I have more exercise clothes than any other. 

I've been a crying fool recently...I cry at everything...and sometimes it's not just the watery eyes but full out sobbing...over tv shows! Really...it's crazy...or maybe I'm crazy....


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I havent been in the pool either

Metric centuries are my favorite distant

Do you want to organize my closet?

Christi said...

Are you riding in Buena Vista? Let me know because I was thinking of blowing it off but if you are going...

Don't worry about the tears. I do that off and on as well. I know that when it closer to when Ty leaves I will be crying all the time!

Diana said...

This sounds exactly like my menopause roller coaster ride! Welcome aboard!
I'm in the process of getting "it" back myself this year....took over a year though to really "feel" it. Hang tough, it's life, hang on!


Stick in there.
I have been 180
then 245
then 185
then 230
then 190
then 205.... and I said enough of this .. i'm getting dizzy
Now 190 and looking for my 8th grade weight of 170.

adena said...

Don't feel bad, I cry at long distance commercials. And the blog post I wrote that got the third MOST hits and comments was the one where I asked if I should sort my clothes in drawers by type (pants/shirts) or sport (swim/bike/run) so I suspect you are not alone. I NEED to get back to this!

Terzah said...

I have that many exercise clothes, too, but yours are much neater than mine. Guess that means I have the bigger clothes problem. :^)

You WILL get it back. Whenever I've lost it, doing something different for a while is the thing that brings it back. It's one reason being injured isn't all bad, I guess.

Matthew Smith said...

Good luck on your metric! That sounds like fun! I say, let him get the mohawk. I'm balding, and I would love any hair...even if it were a mohawk! :)

Jill said...

Ugh...I can't get ride of the 20 I gained from 2 years ago....and then I put on 5 over the winter that won't go away. Grrrrr.

You will get your mojo back, I know you will. It's just one of those low points right now with stuff going on in life. People that cry at the drop of a dime aren't those out there running up a storm of miles and feeling good about it. Once the home life settles, you will feel tons better. Trust me on this one!!


sugarmagnolia70 said...

Good luck with your big ride! And I'm impressed with how neatly your clothes are put away...my exercise clothes are all in one big jumble. It's horrible.

sugarmagnolia70 said...

Good luck with your big ride! And I'm impressed with how neatly your clothes are put away...my exercise clothes are all in one big jumble. It's horrible.

Kathleen said...

I have a ton of workout clothes also and they are all over the place. Actually, the majority of them are race T-shirts. I can relate to the crying and weight gain. I seem to be dealing with a little bit of that myself. You have a lot going on and hormones don't help!!! It is always hard to get going again but once you do and get over the hump, you will feel better. Actually I think you are already there since you wrote this three weeks ago.

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