Monday, June 20, 2011

Today water is not my friend- 5430 Sprint Race Report

So I went in to today not really having an idea of what it would bring. After having done nothing to speak of training wise for a week, I didn't know if that would mean I was well rested or my body would have no idea what to do. I had gone for just an easy 400 yard swim on Saturday just to see how things would feel with my shoulder/rib. I was a little nervous. While it didn't pop out when I was done I could feel an ache. I decided there was nothing to do but give it a go.

After a really pretty good nights sleep, I only woke up once and was able to go back to sleep, I arose at 4:45 with the plan of leaving around 6 to be at the lake by 6:30. I had my normal pre race breakfast of a bagel thin, peanut butter and a banana. Getting parked was easy as can be and I was soon in transition. I got my area set up, body marked and made a trip back to the car to get my sunglasses and a pair of old shoe I wanted to donate, I started looking for Kathleen and Sarah. We chatted for a bit before heading out of transition as it was getting ready to close.
Kathleen, Me, Sarah
Kathleen and I had quite a wait as we were in the 2nd from last wave and didn't take off until like 8:20. When it got close we got in the water to get used to it and do a little warm up. The water temps were around 68 today much better then the 60 from two weeks ago. I think the air temps were around 65, a pretty good day for a race! I did just a little swimming and things felt pretty good. Before we knew it we were in the water and about to take off. The announcer said we had the biggest wave. Women 40-49. There seemed to be quite a few ladies. I lined up to the left and about the middle although I usually line up at the back. The horn sounded and off we went. It was with out a doubt the worst swim I've ever had. I could not get any clear water, except when I was so far off course that no one else in their right mind would be there. I could not catch my breath. It felt like I was gasping the whole time. It seemed very choppy which I don't understand since I didn't notice that it looked extremely choppy. I don't think I did more then 6 strokes without then having to side stroke or breast stroke to catch my breath and to top it off for some reason one side of my goggle kept filling with water...not a good swim. All most everyone I talked to about the swim also thought it sucked, even if they did ok.
Swim 19:29 (this is just a little less then the time from 2 weeks ago, however that swim time included a long run up to transition where as the swim time for this one ended when you left the water.

3:46 I believe I had an improvement here as the time 2 weeks ago was 3:18 and as stated above did not include the run time. I felt pretty organized and the folding my socks in half to get them on seemed to work much better.

I had a long run out of transition to the bike start but felt pretty good, managed to get on and clipped in pretty good, although I soon noticed that one of my shoes didn't get closed, but it didn't bother me to much and as soon as I got going good I reached down and did it. I was working pretty hard on the bike at the start and still trying to get my breath. I had a Cliff shot and that seemed to kick in pretty quickly and help a lot. I tried really hard this race to not get stuck coasting behind anyone and if I came up behind them I just passed even if it mean they would pass me again. It seemed to go pretty good and I think only one girl passed me back. I felt like I was working really hard on the bike and hoped to come up with a better time. There was a bit of head wind in some spots, not real strong but it was there. The ride was pretty uneventful.
Bike 1:00:08 (2 weeks ago 1:00:34) so I obviously didn't improve like I had hoped. Difference being that last time I didn't feel like I gave it my all, this time I did. Could have something to do with the fact that I had not been on the bike at all since the Century last weekend.

T2- 2:18 This felt really good (2 weeks ago 2:12) Not a huge time difference but this time included a potty break which was in my run time for the last one. I also got some Yankz so that helped too.

The run started out a little slow. Not enough bricks for sure legs felt really heavy and of course there is that darn little hill to start the run. I had a few walk breaks. The first mile seemed pretty fast but the 2nd mile seemed to go on forever and ever and ever! After an older gentleman ran by going the other way in just a speedo a lady ran next to me and made a comment that had me laughing so hard that I yelled to her that wasn't fair. I couldn't laugh and run. The temps were really perfect out for running, I think it was right around 70 and while it got a little bit warm it was not bad at all. By the third mile I started to feel a little better and I think I picked it up just a little, but still not breaking any records crossed the finish line strong and feeling pretty good.
Run 33:23 10:45 pace (35:02 2 weeks ago)

1:59:04 (2:00:42 2 weeks ago)
Div 42 out of 56
Gender 362 out of 495
Paul, Sarah, Me, Kathleen
Overall I was a little disappointed in my race. Especially the swim. It also got me nervous to think that the oly is coming up in 3 weeks. After this past week and with these shoulder/rib issues I'm nervous about what they will bring. And speaking of...while I really didn't have any problems during the race, as I sit hear this evening typing I'm pretty sore. I think a 4th visit to the chiropractor might be in order tomorrow or possibly a good therapeutic massage.

After arriving home and cleaning up it was time to get dinner going. We were having my parents over for dinner for Father's Day (Happy Father's day Dad!) Then I was trying to get a little cleaning done, I was in the bathroom cleaning when all of the sudden there was a funny noise and water going everywhere. After finally figuring out it was not the toilet (which I had just flushed) but under the sink I started trying to turn the water off but of course it was the hot water and it was HOT! I went running to the kitchen for some towels thinking I could protect my arm, but I just had to keep reaching in til I could get it off. Yes it hurt... luckily it didn't really burn me although it's still a little tender and I had a heck of a mess to clean up as it drains right down to the basement which has one of those drop ceilings and into the florescent I said water is NOT my friend today....

Dinner however, dinner was good and desert, yea that was good too. :)


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on the race. The swim is so fickle, I come from a swimming background, but OWS, I am batting sub 500 when it comes to a good tri swim

Julie said...

I think you had a perfectly good race. They can't all go "swimmingly"...get it? :D

You did have a BIG ride last weekend, so although you felt recovered, you may not totally have been.

Hooray for what I would consider a GREAT race!!

Christy said...

Sounds like a great race overall! Sometimes I think we are all too hard on ourselves!!!!

She said I need a goal said...

well I am impressed with your race!! Well done!

Glad your arm wasn't too burned.

JohnP said...

Bah, dont be hard on yourself - thats a great race!! Congrats!!

Dont fret the swim, that is normal. Chalk it up to priceless experience, get yourself mentally prepared for the washing machine ahead of time. Back it off and dont go as hard as everyone else off the start and you'll be fine! Even the most experienced succomb to anxiety, just learn from it! I know!

thats a pretty good bike considering you're probably not recovered fully from your hardcore ride last week! I love hearing that you were passing people, dont hang back - PASS THAT GUY! :) Yay you!

mmhhhmmmm I picture a couple dirty young ladies giggling over the guy in the speedo. tsk tsk! haha

You're going to be fine for your Olympic - this experience will only make you stronger! Great job!

Terzah said...

Congrats on toughing out the race! I was driving from Longmont to Boulder and saw the cyclists on the Diagonal and thought of you. :^)

Jill said...

Hey girl, I was thinking of you yesterday and wondering how you did. How fun to see your picture and all my cycling buddies ;).

I wonder if your body was a little more tired then it was shouting to you it was, that century really did a number to me and I couldn't run decently until Thursday (trust me, I tried in earnest Tuesday and Wednesday and failed each run!); thought I wasn't too sore I think it just took a lot out of me. Anyway, you've been doing a lot of racing and that eventually catches up to you. I think a margarita and Mexican food is in order to cure all the aches and pains :).

Nevertheless, you did a great job!! I so understand your disappointment, we expect so much and are the first to be the hardest on ourselves. As my sports therapist told me once, "It's okay to be pissed for a bit, you earned that." So do so, and then get out there and slam dunk the next one! You are one tough cookie and I am very very proud of your effort!!

So fun about Father's Day dinner...I am surprised you didn't invite me up, your dad practically adopted me. (hheheeehehe :)). Seriously though, he's awesome!!