Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three thing Thursday!

Liked it so much last week I'm going to keep it up!

1. Ribs that move? Huh...who knew...seems I have one and it’s not been very happy with me lately. I was having some issues last week and had been to the chiropractor on Thursday and all seemed well by throughout the century. Come Tuesday morning when I go to do my hair...POP! Pain! Can’t breathe deep...great....just great.... To the chiropractor both Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m skipping today, it’s better, I think the pain I have now is more from them beating me up to get things moved around. Will see how it feels tomorrow and maybe hit them up again. Still planning on the race Sunday but will play it by ear. Have not done any training since ride on Sunday. That 70.3 isn’t getting an farther no training is not real good.

2. Newsflash...riding 100 miles does not mean you can eat whatever you want....Scale up 5 pounds after an overly indulgent weekend and no training this week!!!

3. Heat it’s arrived in Denver. The Boulder courses are notoriously brutal in the heat, which there usually is in July and August (oly and HIM) and since I like any other sane person prefer to train when it’s cool, I’m going to have to acclimate to that. Anyone have any good tips for dealing with the heat. Often times in the heat my fingers swell when I run, I think this is an electrolyte/salt thing. Any and all advice welcome!

Happy racing to all this weekend!


Christi said...

Bummer about the rib! I know how you are feeling because I have done that and it is no fun!

The only way to acclimate for the heat is to get out and the heat. Good luck!

Junk Food Runner said...

I have gotten ribs out of place before. So weird! Hope yours feels better soon.

I walked a half-marathon on Saturday, and ran 8 miles on Sunday, and still gained 2 lbs over the weekend. I feel your pain!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I remember after my first century, I think I ate a whole large pizza and was still hungry, I feel your pain

PS You are getting a mention on Weekly Ramblings tomorrow

Teamarcia said...

Very weird about your ribs!
I'm eager to hear the swollen fingers answer too as mine pretty much always are when I run.

Matthew Smith said...

The heat sucks! Especially when you've trained in cooler weather. I would just say hydrate a ton. I think we can't eat a bunch after a century because if we did it right, we ate quite a bit during the ride. I don't know...

Terzah said...

I hate heat, too! That's why I'm racing only twice this summer and otherwise running at the crack o' dawn. Dry heat is still heat! Sorry about your rib--ugh!

Aimee said...

Ugh..I'm sorry your rib is still giving your problems! I hope it gets better soon!

The heat...just make sure you are well hydrated! I like to drink some NUUN water the days before a race where I know it's going to be really hot!

Jill said...

I weight in with my girlfriend in Iowa on Tuesday - I was stunned I was up 2.2 lbs. And I really didn't eat that much .... but I did eat a lot of frozen yogurt the next day :(. Live and learn I guess.

Hope your rib's better - yikes!

And super score on the weather today....though I did go out about noon for a bike ride, the first since Sunday, and had to turn back at mile 10 b/c the storms rolled in. Blah.