Thursday, June 9, 2011

Three thing Thursday?

I’ve never done Three thing Thursday before although many of you do but it seems like just the think I need right now to get a quick post done.

This weekend is the Denver Century! I’m pretty nervous excited! Mostly because I will be riding with Kathleen and Jill and a couple of others so should be a good time if I can keep up! I hope that the fact that the longest ride I’ve had is 67 miles is not a problem. :) It will be interesting to see just what it’s like riding with all of these riders, especially when we get to the portion that takes place on the bike paths. In addition to all the people doing the DC you will have all the people who are just out enjoying the day that is supposed to be beautiful 80 degrees.

Let’s talk socks and tri shorts. The socks I usually wear for biking and running work just fine, I’ve never had any issues with blisters or any other kind of problems. What I do have a problem with is getting them on my feet in transition. They are kind of tight and end up all twisted and are just generally a pain in the butt to get on wet feet in a hurry. So the question is this, do you have a brand/type you like? Do you go without? For the bike and the run? If you go without on the bike do you have tri shoes or road bike? Next up are the shorts. I noticed in my tri last weekend that my tri shorts were actually a little baggy. I was thinking that I might need to invest in some better ones for the HIM anyway, so tell me what kind you like?

Last but not least I wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the kind comments on my last (and really all of) post. It means a lot to me that you take the time to read about what I’m doing and cheer me on as well as answer my silly questions. I’m amazed by how great the blogging community is and it’s been so much fun to meet people that I otherwise never would have met. And it’s been fantastic to actually become friends with some of you! I also want to say that I read most of your posts (occasionally I get to busy and skip some) but with this new comment issue it’s made commenting a problem. While I’ve “fixed” it on my home computer by changing to Google Chrome. I don’t want to change my work computer and I often read blogs on my lunch hour, thus no comments unless I have time to make it back to blogs in the evening. So thanks again for spending of your time with me!


lilmeg said...

A friend of mine taught me a GREAT transition sock trick.

When you lay out your stuff before the race, have the socks rolled half inside out. Like folded out half-way (hard to describe?). That way, your toe goes right to the end where it should be, and you fold the sock onto your foot rather than try to pull it on wet.

Hope this helps!

Gaye said...

I sprinkle some baby powder in my socks. It helps soak up any extra moisture. And I just use plain old costco special socks. They work for me! :-)

Julie said...

Two great tips!!!! Thanks guys!

Christi said...

Rolling socks and baby powder is what I do if I am wearing socks.

Have a great time at the century!

Anonymous said...

A century ride?! So jealous! Have fun!

I do not wear socks in anything under a half Ironman distance tri. I think it's otherwise a waste of time but if you must body glide your feet before the swim and roll them halfway.

JohnP said...

Yay on your century! That's gonna be a long day, just remember to eat and drink plenty and you'll be just fine!

I like louis garneau! Lasts forever, looks great and fits perfect! I dont like pearl izumi, overpriced but it is common in stores but I suspect they make a bigger margin on it.

dont go without socks in a tri until you trained alot without them. you need to toughen your feet up first. i found out the hard way lol. i like the baby powder idea, I may steal it! :) I dont know of any nice way to get a sock on with wet feet. I know not to use bodyglide on your feet though, your socks will slide around and likely give blisters otherwise.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good luck on your ride

Socks, sprints and olys, I go sockless, and I train sockless too. I have done both in tri cycling shoes and in cycling shoes, I trained with both sockless, anything over 30 miles, I go socks. I like wool, surprisingly it stays cool during the summer

Tri shorts are personal choice, I like pearl izumi

Matthew Smith said...

There are some great tips for the socks that I might just have to use. I don't really have anything good for your other than a "Good Luck" on you century. You'll do great. Eat and drink a ton!

Terzah said...

Not being a triathlete or a cyclist, I have no tips...but I can say GOOD LUCK this weekend.

Julie said...

Have a MARVELOUS time this weekend!! I CANNOT wait to hear all about it. You are going to have a blast.

Aimee said...

* You are going to do awesome with your century this weekend! Just remember to have fun!! :)

* I actually don't wear socks on the bike. I have a pair of tri bike shoes, which I love and are super comfy, that actually feel better w/out socks, then with socks on. I don't get blisters or anything! Then, I put socks on in T2 before heading out on the run. I also roll my socks up into my shoes like others have suggested. AND, I always wear my Smartwool PhD running socks..they are awesome!!

* YES..get a new pair of tri shorts! If they're baggy, they can cause some nasty chaffing issues (not to mention drag in the water!). I love my DeSoto tri shorts, but the Sugoi ones are great too!

She said I need a goal said...

I love your TTT!! You will kill the century, I have no doubt!

I dunno about socks/shoes. I wear cycling socks for bike/run, they are the thinnest and easiest to get on. I can cycle barefoot but not run barefoot. I have tri-shoes for the bike, I train and race in them.

I am so frustrated with this commenting issue as well. Incidentally, I can comment at home (or could on using Opera browser on my old PC, haven't checked the new MAC yet) but I can't comment or see my followers from work. Weird!

ps - I am glad we're connected here I always love reading what you have to say.