Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wacky Weather

Colorado has crazy weather, always has, always will. Yesterday was a beautiful day with record breaking temps in the 80's. A beautiful day and a fabulous 20 mile bike ride outside! It was a little windy but nothing was going to get me down. I was in short sleeves and really warm, wishing that I had warn a lighter jersey....can I say it again BEAUTIFUL!

This morning I get up and decide to do a pre long run run to see how things are feeling. I went out the night before and had entirely to much Mexican food, a couple of beers and enjoyed some lacrosse (side note: this was a first for fun are lacrosse games!?!?) and had to little sleep. But it was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining the sky was blue and it was about 50 degrees. So I did an easy 2 miles and came home dropped the dog off and got ready to meet Kathleen out at Chatfield for a long run. As I'm getting ready to head out there some dark clouds drifting in.

But we decided to be tough and headed out to do around 10 miles. The wind was blowing but we hoped to be able to get it done before any other weather rolled in. It was nice to be out there running with someone and being able to chat. The first 8ish miles went pretty good. At around that point it was starting to cool off. I had to make a port-a-potty stop and Kathleen went on. I barley started to run again when the wind really kicked up and I looked down at my jacket and couldn't figure out what the white stuff on it was. Then I realized it was snowing!!!
And then it got bad. The rain/snow/sleet was coming down pretty hard and it hurt when it hit. The temperature was dropping rapidly and I wasn't dressed for this! Those last 2 miles were brutal! It was cold, my legs were freezing Me right after getting into the car. You can see how wet I am, and that's not sweat! Even my glasses have water all over them.
Me and Kathleen

Poor Kathleen doesn't have the extra insulation that I have and she was so cold she couldn't get her fingers to work.
Here's a shot out the window in the parking lot.
And this was on my way home. The weather got so bad on the drive home the visibility was about 100 yards and there was standing water all over the highway.

Ahhh I love Colorado. Fingers crossed for good weather for the 1/2 marathon next weekend.


Kathleen said...

I wouldn't have wanted to get stuck in that weather with anyone else :) I hope you are warm and cozy at home. You deserve it!

Aimee said...

I saw Kathleen's post too! I can't believe how quickly the weather changed today. The temp. dropped so fast it was crazy! I'm glad you two made it back to the car before it got too bad!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like Michigan with the weather changes. BEAUTIFUL land I'd love to ride there!

Julie said...

That top picture is simply AWESOME!
I hate getting caught without the right clothes, so I'm usually overdressed. But everyone else is always jealous on those days. All the other days they make fun of my sweatiness under all my layers.

Michael said...

Wow that is crazy weather. That would suck to get caught in a sudden snow/drizzle storm. Glad at least you were pretty close to the end of your run and not miles away.

Small Town Runner said...

Oh my goodness! That is a total switcheroo in the weather!!!

Your friend's lips are BLUE.

We've had some weird weather too, but it's pretty consistent in teh morning- around 35-45.

Diana said...

Mother Nature sure has the "upper" hand doesn't she?!!
Those fast changes are always brutal to say the least!
Congrats on making it home!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Looks just like my ride on Saturday, windy and raining, hopefully we all will have good weather soon

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Jill said...

CRAZY weather! We were in Castle Rock riding bikes while my son was climbing in Castlewood Canyon - we got out in the NICK of time before the storm hit. I know we need the moisture, but can't it just rain??!? :)

Great job on the run!!

Deb said...

Crazy weather for sure. That picture of the mountains is amazing though!

JohnP said...

Way to tough it out!