Sunday, April 10, 2011

No pie in the sky and no fondue at the finish Platte River 1/2 marathon race report

Well let's start at the beginning..packet picket up was a least for me, those at the beginning of the alphabet had a really long line to wait in but I walked right up. It was at the running store though and it was packed so I didn't take anytime to shop just headed home. Instead of staying off my feet all day and resting I did some cleaning but that's about it. Went to bed worried about what I would find when I got up in the morning, the weather was still calling for rain/snow in the morning and wind lots of wind as per normal in the spring in Colorado. Got a pretty good nights sleep and arose to find just a very light dusting of snow and as the sun came up blue skies WOOHOO no rain or snow! Started off my morning with a bagel thin, some peanut butter and a small banana as well as a couple cups of coffee...I love my coffee. Headed toward the other side of town for the race start. This was one of those races that ended in a different location then it started which is always interesting. Any way as I'm driving I pass the general area where the race will end and I drive and I drive and I drive some more...I think to myself... I CAN'T RUN THIS FAR!!! :)Everything went really smooth parking was easy, a couple of trips to the port-a-potty and found Kathleen to chat a little before the start. Also briefly talked with Matt one of the guys from BT

Me and Kathleen before the race

Just Me

They did start the race in waves so it was about 5 minutes or so after the start when we got started. Still it was a little congested. We started out on the streets for the first almost 2 miles before we then ended up on a bike/running path that follows the Platte River through town. The weather really could not have been much more perfect at this point, probably around 40ish degrees with blue skies. Once in awhile you would get some cross winds, big gusts. In order to reach my pie in the sky goal I would need to stay pretty close to 11 minute miles and through mile 4 I was feeling pretty good and staying well with in range.

1 -11m 07s 1.00 miles

2 -11m 06s 1.00 miles

3 -11m 12s 1.00 miles Cliff Mocha Gel (love these things!)

4 -11m 09s 1.00 miles

These photos were taken in the 5th mile which maybe why it was a little slower. Still feeling pretty good, not like I'm working to hard, although wishing I had brought some music although I rarely run with music on longer runs its nice.

This was the view ahead of me.

5 -11m 35s 1.00 miles

6 -11m 10s 1.00 miles

Things start to feel a little tougher about now. At the 1/2 way mark I was thinking wow really? Only 1/2 way. Legs felt a little sore but nothing major however things start to slow down and walking breaks are taken. 7 -11m 47s 1.00 miles Cliff Mocha Gel

8 -11m 36s 1.00 miles

And then the wind kicked in...or more likely we headed into the wind. It was pretty rough going for 3 miles and I have to say that I spent much time using EMZ's phrase of YOU'VE.GOT.THIS. With every step I would think on and on. I will be heading over here to thank her by making a donation, crazy woman plans to run for 24 hours on a treadmill to raise money for a Sojourner Center & Victims of Domestic Violence.

9 -12m 37s 1.00 miles

10 -11m 58s 1.00 miles

11 -12m 41s 1.00 miles I think it was at the end of this mile when I had another Gel Chocolate (not as good if you ask me and I love chocolate!)

12 -12m 01s 1.00 miles

The last mile took you up over a bridge which was way more hill then I wanted to face but I just kept up with the and ran, there were way more people walking this bridge then running. Then it was downhill and around a corner and you could see the finish line! 13-12m 00s 1.00 miles

14-01m 44s 0.16 miles

So while I don't have the official time yet, I know I didn't make my pie in the sky goal of under 2:30 I did however still have a substantial PR over my 1/2 in October (2:42). Garmin time shows 2:33:42 an 11:41 average pace and I was more then thrilled with that! At the finish I grabbed a bottle of water (I was one of the last to get a bottle as they seemed to run out!) And sat down to stretch a little. For some reason my muscles wanted to cramp up as I was stretching. Mostly my calf but also my quads a little. One really strange thing and I'm going to attribute it to the wind was I never really all...usually even in 24 degree runs I'm sweaty and my hair will get soaked I guess the wind must have kept me dry I've no other explanation. I headed up to see about getting some more water and couldn't find any then found a long...very long line...turned out to be the line for food, it stretched about a block and 1/2 and then around the restaurant. There were some guys with cups and water handing it out to those in the line but there was no way I was going to stand in that line. I headed back to stretch a little more and watch for Kathleen. I was able to cheer for her at the finish. Neither of us felt like standing in that line so we headed out. They were nice enough to give me a ride back to my car so I didn't have to try and negotiate the light rail system which I had never used before. They were also nice enough to give me a bagel thin they had in the car...I was starving by this point and really wanted to get at least something in me. Once back to the car I called my son and told him to put the pizza stone in the oven and lay out the dough I had in the refrigerator...Pizza was calling my name!

I ate the whole thing at it was delicious!!!!

So as far as the race went, it was very well supported on the course, water/powerade stations every 2 miles bathrooms too (although amazingly I never needed to stop) The shirts are great it's so nice to have the option of women's shirt. However after the finish line I think things went downhill...the fact that they had no water to hand out was really bad, good thing it wasn't hot, and the line for food...crazy...I would have loved to have had a banana or bagel anything really. I did see a few plates of food, burgers and hot dogs but I just couldn't see standing there in that line waiting for it. I believe there was suppose to be chocolate fondue stuff ( one of the sponsors was a fondue restaurant) somewhere too but I didn't actually see it and was bummed not to get any. So needless to say no pie and no fondue...but I will be having ice cream later!

Edited to add official results
1953/2231 Julie Taylor Arvada CO 46 F 1111/1340 45 to 49 101/126 2:33:42 11:44


Jennifer said...

WAY TO GO JULIE!!!!! Congrats on your PR!!!!!

Aimee said...

Congrats on a new PR!!! I know it wasn't your "pie in the sky" time, but you did awesome!! I hope you are proud of yourself!! :)
I was thinking about you two because I thought the winds might be brutal during the run. I did that race last year and the last hill over the bridge totally sucked!! Why did they do that? And, I totally agree about the was a major let down.

Anonymous said...

Sorry the ending was not that great but was thinking of you today and wishing you well - so great to hear you had such a great run - and a PR!!


Diana said...

Congrats Julie! Way for Mother Nature to bring her goods for the day! Sounds like a great day!

Christi said...

Congrats! The shirt this year is nice. I am glad to hear they offered women's shirts.

You will get 2:30 real soon!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Congrats on the PR! You did great!

JohnP said...

Luv the photos, thats some nice trail to run on!


pssst... 118 Days to go.

did u just pee yourself a little? :)

Jill said...

I was working at packet pickup, I probably got your race packet and we didn't even know it. My friend, Maureen Roben (google her name) puts on that race and it's always a popular event. Sorry about the water, I usually work the finish line and they have had bottled water in the past but not sure why they didn't this year.

Congrats on a fantastic PR girl!!! :)

Junk Food Runner said...

Just wanted to say great job on your race! I have been following you for awhile but never commented before :) I am sure you will get that 2:30 soon and it will feel AWESOME!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

This is a fantastic report!!! I love how your pictures tell the story!

You should feel super proud of your accomplishment and PR! And battling the wind gusts!

That pizza sure looks like a nice reward!!!

Julie said...

Thanks Jennifer!!!!

BB good to see you here and thanks!

Aimee yea suck is right the only real plus is then going down and around the corner and being able to see the finish!

LOL! John yea thanks for the reminder.

Jill you know what I'm pretty sure it was you! Wish I had know so I could say hi! There are some real pluses about this race the biggest problems I saw were running out of water and the food line. When it takes you as long as it takes me you are really needing to refuel after and usually being by myself the idea of waiting in that line just doesn't work for me.

JFR glad you finally showed yourself! :)

Thanks Jess the pizza was great!

William Plock said...

So you live in Arvada? So do I as you know. Congrats on your race, come to one of my spin classes at the Y sometime, it would be nice to meet you!

Deb said...

Congrats on a great PR!

Disappointing about the food and water at the end though. It might be worth an email to the race organizers...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your race!!! Oh and the veggie pizza makes my heart break it looks so delic!

Jeremy and Heidi said...

So proud of you!!!!!! You did awesome!!! And that Pizza looks amazing!!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on the PR!!! That is awesome

Kathleen said...

You took pics during the race?! You are a dedicated blogger :) My only thought was about finishing the darn thing.
Great job out there!