Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big girls don't cry...

Even if they get in their car and drive to the path to run because of all the snow on the roads and then realize they forgot their Garmin and heart rate strap and have to turn around and go back and get it.

Even if they just posted that they we were feeling stronger on the run and this run was oh so hard.

Even if because of the the late start it's now 10:30 and they are hungry before they start running.

Even if they keep thinking they really would rather be riding their bike.

Even if two young boys (6 and 8ish) running with their dad showed her up.

Even if her back is bothering in the last few miles.

Big girls don't cry...

Because the snow on the mountains looks so beautiful as they run towards them and it's February and almost 60 degrees.

Because she saw a lady walking a lama in the first mile.

Because they have Kenny Chesney taking them to the beach when the sun goes down and Kid Rock taking them to Sweet Home Alabama.

Because she watched a brave soul ride his road bike down a snow packed icy hill and make it!

Because she got showed up by two young boys having a ball out there running.

Because even though the run felt really hard and the heart rate was much higher then it should have been she still had a decent average pace.

Because even if he was probably a creeper I'm pretty sure in my last mile when I was feeling anything but, some guys said "good morning beautiful"

Because she made herself run the last half mile with out walking.

Because at the end was a Starbucks Grande skinny Cinnamon Dolce latte with an extra shot.

And mostly because hey... this big girl just ran 8 miles so what's to cry about!

What didn't you cry about this week and why?


Diana said...

Way to turn all those what some folks may see as negatives into the positives!

I didn't cry when I completed my first 16 miler today-even though I was convinced that giving birth hurt a hell of a lot less than this run!!! That is until the ibuprofen finally kicked in!!!

Christi said...

"Because there is no crying in baseball" I mean there is no crying in Ironman! ;)

Great job!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Oh awesome. The woman walking the llama visual made me snort.

Patrick said...

So many reasons there to not only cry but also just skip the activities altogether. So many times I have quit something healthy intended just because the execution was not perfect. Bravo for you for not being so easily given into the reasons that were everywhere to skip out.

Julie said...

Awesome! I loved this A LOT!
So incredible what can happen when we don't quit, when we focus on the bountiful good things and let the other stuff go :-)

Dani- danielleislosingit said...

I definitely didn't sob hysterically while eating cupcakes and listening to Taylor Swift and Watching the Bachelor on Singles Awareness day.

lilmeg said...

Whoot! Nice run!

Cara said...

This post made me so happy, Julie. You are awesome!!