Friday, July 3, 2009

Kind of pathetic

I was looking at my monthly totals and thinking I'm really not working that hard this year. So of course I decided to do the comparison to last year...and yep you guessed it...not working as hard.

June 2008
swim 6600 yards
bike 157 miles
run 38.07 miles

June 2009
swim 8550 yards
bike 117 miles
run 23.9 miles...yea like I said pathetic

So I'm making it a goal to do better in July. I want to make sure that my totals this month are higher then my totals for July last year so hear is the break down

July 2008
swim 8389
run 50.51
bike 149

Now to come up with a plan I figure if I
swim 2100 yards
run 12.5 miles
bike 37 miles
a week I can surpass last year. In so doing I will hopefully be more prepared and able to meet my goal of a PR at Tri for the Cure which is August 2nd.

Let the (more) serious training begin!

1 comment:

Diana said...

You're off the couch and moving it, that's a big deal! Can't have a great month all the time!
Good luck on the tri on Aug 2nd!