Monday, July 20, 2009

Dangerous conditions...

Cycling, we all know it can be dangerous, but one would think that bike paths would be safer, after this weekends ride and all the obstacles I encountered I'm thinking that the roads are safer. Let's just say the kids, the dogs and the other bike riders! I had run ins with each of them on almost 30 mile ride Sunday. There are definitely plus's and minus's to both riding the bike path versus riding the roads. I can't get over how much I enjoy riding. I never knew that I would enjoy spending hours on the bike and look forward to the day I will be be able to upgrade to a road bike. I'm hoping to at some time this summer do at least a 50 mile ride.

I debated Saturday night and Sunday morning about what I was going to do. I wanted to go do an open water swim with the team, I could have done (tired) a 1 mile open water swim (which I've never done and not sure that I can ) or just do some swimming inside the lanes, and then go for a ride up there. But I just couldn't get myself motivated to make the 30 minute drive to Boulder as well as the money to do the swim and get into the reservoir. So I just swam at the pool after my bike ride.
1 x 300 warm up
1 x 300 6.42
1 x 400 9.18
1 x 500 11.18
1 x 100 cooldown
I started out not feeling so good, but by the time I was 1/2 way through things were feeling really good.

Also got in an almost 5 mile run. My running partner. My dog Duke gave up at 4.88. After dragging him nearly the last mile at 4.88 he laid down and was not getting up again. So I decided we would call it quits then.

So my totals for the week
Swim 1600 yrds
Bike 28.9
Run 11.6
A little short of what I was trying for but not to bad.

I can't believe the Tri for the Cure is in just 2 weeks. I'm kind of bummed because then that will be it. I'm done. I don't want to be done for the year. I wish I could do another, but I guess I will look to a Duathlon I'm thinking of as well as another 1/2 marathon. I'm thinking about doing an Olympic rehearsal with the group. No pressure I can just do part if I want. But I really want to try a mile open water swim. I don't think the bike will be a problem if I can get through the swim, but I'm not sure about the 10k after the swim and bike. But you never know unless you tri right? And I would really like to do an Olympic next year. I had thought I would this year, but just don't feel I'm there yet.

Wow sorry for the long post, I guess I have a lot on my mind this evening.

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Diana said...

I agree with the bike trails lately. I have had bad times with the damn kiddy strollers! Move over people!!! Then the snakes! UGH!
Nice job on the biking!