Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sprint Rehearsal #2

I was very nervous for some reason about this rehearsal. I'm not sure of the reason. I was a little nervous about the swim I was doing it with out a wetsuit and I was scared the water would be cold. I spent yesterday at the pool with my youngest son and swam a few laps, just didn't feel good at all. Couldn't get the breathing down, so these things combined to make me wonder just how this rehearsal would go.

Up at the normal time of 4:45 to get to the lake by 6:15ish. My wave started at 7:25. This was a combined Olympic and Sprint. The Olympic people started first. The water was as calm as could be. I was still worried about what it would feel like. The temps had been around 68-70 degrees. I got in and waded up to my knees. This isn't bad, I thought, waded up to my waist, still not to bad, and finally took the plunge...this is actually pretty refreshing! I was glad to have that worry over. Pretty soon off we went, we did it opposite of what we have done, so it was a little different. And we were of course swimming into the sun. The first buoy was almost impossible to see for awhile. I just followed the crowd. It seemed like I was keeping up pretty well, I even managed to pass a few people even at the end (not sure if they were Olympic or sprint though) . I was surprised that may time was 24 minutes I thought it was faster, but I felt good. Transition I think was about 5 minutes it was a long way up from the lake to transition. I would say that way over 1/2 of the sprint bikes were still in transition. Got off on my bike pretty quickly. Bike was pretty hard to start. In the first mile you have a hill that is pretty hard on those unwamed up leg muscles. I was working hard to try to stay in double digits the whole time, which must have paid off as my time was 7 minutes faster (1:08 for 17 miles 15.22 mph) I can't say that many people passed me either, not bad on a hybrid. It was a good ride, even with all the road kill. (And you know something else I've noticed since biking and running has entered my life...a lot of people throw up on the road.) Finished the bike feeling pretty good, although my feet were a little numb. Didn't get a T2 time, but was fairly fast although I did have to make a potty stop. Run was a pretty standard 39:29, a fair amount of walking. I really need to work on forcing myself to run. Had a very good time and I always have such a feeling of accomplishment when I look at my watch and its like wow all that and it's only 10:00. :) However it was downhill from there as I ended up laying around for a couple of hours after. Legs are feeling a little sore, but not to bad.

Here's to a good week of training this week!


Diana said...

Sounds like a smooth practice run! I would love these "rehearsal" things! Take out of some of the pre-race jitters knowing what to expect of the course.
Good luck!

Formulaic said...

Great trial run.

The nice thing about these trials is that you get to plan for the race. Like being blinded on the swim. Good job on following the crowd. Also try looking at the big stuff, mountains, tall trees, buildings. THat way if the people are off you'll still be OK. It has saved me a few times in a race when the sun makes it impossible to see the buoys.

I can't believe you are doing it on a Hybrid! No wonder you are a super woman!