Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend workouts

Weekend started Friday with a nice ride with a couple of friends. We did the Neva loop that I've been doing in the rehearsals. These are the girls that had originally signed up to do the Tri for the Cure last year with me, trained with me and then both ended up having to drop out due to health issues the week before. S had a baby a few months ago and was on bed rest for 3 months and modified bed rest for a couple before that. And J joined CWW with me but after a few weeks of swimming lessons life got in the way and she hasn't been training much. So for both of them this was a pretty long ride. We took it pretty easy and it was just a nice ride. Rained just a little at the beginning but soon the sun came out and it turned in to perfect riding weather. We headed back to the reservoir and did a little swimming. We must have had the time mixed up for the training session as know one was there till about the time we were quitting. I really only did about 3 loops inside the ropes which I believe is around 200 yards. But it felt really good to just get some open water practice.

Yesterday I did a very short 2 mile run. Followed by a few short strides that almost killed me. It has been so humid here. We have had a ton of rain recently and humidity is something us Denverites just aren't used to. I was dripping and my heart rate just sky rocketed during the strides.

Today a very nice longish bike ride. And just to prove that we have had a lot of rain....

This one of the underpass's that I had to detour around because it was flooded. Only a couple were actually closed but quite a few others were pretty muddy/sandy. It was a really nice but cool ride. Got started a little before 8 and it was only about 60. I don't believe it really warmed up much at all. In fact I thought it would rain near the end but never did. Ended up being right around 27 miles in right at 2 hours. So I average 13.1 miles an hour which considering it was train and I was not pushing it I was very happy. The trails are nice, but there are lots of sharp curves and other obstacles. Felt really nice though, legs were just a little sore after. Had thought about throwing in some swimming too, but decided that being lazy with the kids just sounded like a much better idea. :)

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Diana said...

Love the bike/swim bricks! Nice couple of're right though...humidity is the worst. It's been unseasonably cool here, not too humid-yet! I'm sure the best is yet to come!