Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend workouts continued....

Wow! How about that TdF!!!! They are A-f-ing-mazing!!! I can not believe the way those guys climb those "hills"!!

As usual good weekend of training, not so good weekend of food. Why oh why do I eat so much?

Friday night I swam 2 sets of 30 laps with about minute break in between. All freestyle...can we have a pat on the back ? So a total of 1500 yards

Saturday a nice easy 27 mile ride average pace of 14 but with lots of breaks including lunch. The girl I road with hadn't been on her bike much this year and was struggling some. Made me feel pretty good that I was not only keeping up but surpassing her. She has this cute little body and a great bike and is in good shape. Last year I struggled some to keep up with her.

Today a 4 mile run. 13.10 average pace. Not real great legs a little sore after yesterday and because I didn't want to stop watching the TdF I got out of the house later then I should have. I hadn't eaten just coffee and it was just over 70 dog was done at 3.5 he laid down rolled around and did not want to get up. Had to almost drag him the last .5

So as far as my weekly totals I fall short on the running of but the swimming and biking are good. Must get up this week more. I could still make the monthly totals even if I'm short this week. I can't believe the TRi for the Cure is in like 3 weeks! There are so many races I want to do and so little money to do them with! But I'm looking to see if I can afford a few other things in the upcoming months. Although probably not another tri, just rehearsals for that. I'm looking at at a couple 5k/10k's a 50 mile bike ride, a duathlon and maybe another 1/2 marathon. Will have to make some decisions soon.

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Diana said...

I have been so hooked on the "tour". I catch it every morning. The best part is the sprints at the end!
Nice workouts!