Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flats, trains, and lots of water!

The start of the day was a little rough, but ended up being a really great ride today and yesterday. Yesterday's ride was a little more hilly and much on gravel, exploring a new trail that I had never ridden before. Got lost a few times but it was kind of fun just wandering. Ended up with about 19 1/2 miles and then a little run (1.38 miles) for a nice little brick. I really have to do more of those, my muscles are not used to that hole transition thing. But I can tell after just a few of them they are starting to remember. Done with that just shortly before a crazy rain hail storm blew threw town. Glad I wasn't on my bike!

Today out to ride again, but started by finding a nice flat on my bike. I had a spare, but prefer the ones with gunk in them and also would not have a spare on my if I used the one I had so....wait for the bike store to open and go for a couple of tubes. Change the tire ( YEA ME! ) it was the front so easy, but still only the 2nd time I've done it. So finally I head out toward a different trail that I enjoy riding. It has quite a few sharp curves and is crowded in spots so it's just a nice easy ride, however before I get there what should happen but I get stopped by a train, as I rest against the side walk the sprinklers come on and proceed to get me wet...Is this the kind of day it's going to be? Luckily the train was short and I was on my way. Then I hit the "lake" ok it was just a puddle, but it was about 7" deep.... to go around or go through?? I decided to take the mud which scared me, wasn't sure I was going to make it through (it was about 2") I had visions of landing in the water! But made it. (on the way back took the water and got pretty drenched!)

On my ride I stopped by this pool I hope to swim in. It's the only outside pool that seems to have lap lanes that I could find. Rode by both on the way and the way back and neither time did it seem to crowded so I'm really excited to give it a try! I don't plan to do anymore open water swims until the water warms up just a little bit. I can't afford to buy a wet suit this year but I'm going to be keeping my eyes open for a good used one. Last year I did my first open water swim July 4th so I'm hoping that I can get in the lake around then and I'm a step ahead of the game since I already did the open water swim during the tri.

So an ok week as far as training goes 2 decent swims, 2 decent bike rides and 3 runs. Although I must work on the mileage of my running it's been reallllllly low.

Then we had another freaky rain/hail storm. It's crazy springish weather. And on funny note, my sons play roller hockey, indoor, and because of the rain and roof that leaks like crazy, games both Saturday and today had to be reschedules! LOL!

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Diana said...

all this talk of flat bike tires makes me appreciate my hybrid more and more! I know a road bike would be faster, but I take my bike through anything!
Nice job on the bricks, those are my favs!