Sunday, June 7, 2009

Woo Hoo Sprint Rehearsal done!

Rehearsal went ok I guess, didn't break any speed records, in fact I kind of reverted back somewhat to swimming without putting my face in the water. The temps were probably in the mid 50's outside and the water well let's just say not warm. But once you were in it wasn't to bad. Thank goodness for the wetsuit though. I really do like the sleeveless much better, but it will just take some real getting used to. The water was very choppy and I forgot to set my timer so I'm not sure exactly how long it took but basing on what time we were suppose to be started and my end time it was around 25 minutes. Slower then any of my open water swims last year. It was 800 yards. Really need to start swimming more. I did alot of everything, way less freestyle then I would have hoped. But either way I got the job done. T1 I'm sure pretty slow again, guessing, around 3 minutes, maybe more, long way up to transition too. On the bike and off we go. The bike was longer then most sprints (I think) which would be around 12 we actually had a choice to do only 10 or go for 17. I did the 17. Same ride that we did last weekend. This is the elevation profile.

Actually looks more intimidating then it is. Although those first 5 miles are a little though, it looks like it is mostly flat but you climb about 500'. Took me 1:15 and my average speed was 13.7. Most of it felt pretty good although I had adjusted my seat some, tilted it back a little, didn't really work for me as my whoha got a little bit numb. So will have to move it back down a bit again. The downhills are just fantastic. I really enjoy this ride for the most part. Amazing though the people that passed know the ones that really know what they are doing. Not people from our group but the ones that travel in packs, matching jerseys and passing like it takes no effort on their part. Amazing they are. Coming off the bike legs felt a little better then at the duathlon last weekend. I ended up having to stop in the port-a-potty and make a trip back to my bike after for my garmin which I forgot to take off my bike. Missed timing my transition again Guessing it's with the bike time. The run was lots of walking :) it is a pretty boring out and back run on a gravelish road. It's a little rough has lots of big rocks and not an easy running surface. Time ended up being 42:44, like I said lots of walking. So I'm guessing my total time was right around 2:20-2:25. Definitely some room for improvement there!
Now while I was on that bike and run I did a lot of thinking about the ridiculous things I've been doing to my body. From the food I've been sticking in it, to the lack of training, to the cigarettes I've been smoking on and off for the last couple of weeks (they went in the trash by they way before they become another habit I don't need) So this week I'm really going to work on finding my focus and doing something good for my body instead of abusing it.
So my goals for this week are going to be
training-- run 3 times swim 2 and bike twice.
food--think I'm going for phase 1. (South Beach)
I've got to do something.

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Diana said...

Go get 'em Julie, you can do this!