Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hill Practice...

something I really need to work on. This is just a smallish hill by my house from start to finish it is 1/2 mile long. I'm planning to do some hill repeats on this for awhile and then try to move to something a little longer/steeper. This one climbs about 92ft in the 1/2 mile and I tell you my heart is pumping when I get to the top! I did it 2 times this morning, which probably is 2 more then I should have considering I'm doing another rehearsal tri tomorrow. But this week has been a total bust as far as training goes. I also just realized that the tri I signed up for is in 5 weeks. I was looking at my training log from last year and I was working much harder, so if I have any hope of improving my time I better get my butt in gear. Unfortunately I'm about 15lbs heavier and my running seems slower either because of that or because of the 1/2 marathon training, not sure which. Any way last year my time was just under 2 hours like 1:57, it would be so cool to improve on that.
So to that end July is going to be very focused on training and eating better. With any luck the extra exercise will help with the weight and some of the stress. Five weeks, I can make some changes in 5 weeks right?

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Formulaic said...

You can make changes without a problem. That hill sounds like just the thing.

Just make sure to not go too much too fast...but then again, it seemed to do good for your Trial Tri, so you just go girl!