Sunday, August 31, 2008

Decision made

Well I'm bummed but I finally made the decision not to do another tri this year. Financially I just can't right now. (I'm going to have to start a fund for next year! ) I have signed up for at least one 10k as well as a class with a personal trainer that goes for 2 months, that will start on the 8th. I want to sign up with Tri club that is registering now and starts in ?January? So at this point my plan is to just get stronger and be ready to compete next season...I'm going to need a new bike at some point too...I don't think Sissy is going to cut it. But not right now.

And on that note had a pretty good ride yesterday. Forgot my had to pick up a new one at the bike store, but that's ok a spare is good. A couple of the girls that went with us were in from out of town and don't ride much. They rented some bikes. I struggled some, would guess in part because of the 6 mile run the day before and in part because of the absolute crap I've been eating! The route was not real hilly but had one 3 mileish hill which climbed about 300' (not big by many, maybe even most, people standards) and one smaller steeper hill, and then just some rolling stuff. 33.8 miles, 2 flats on the rented bikes, but other then that good.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Attitude adjustment day

I've been having a pretty bad attitude of late. I'm not sure why. I do think part of it is work, but I think a large part is I keep thinking winter is coming soon. I have had such a great summer running and riding with friends that I don't want it to end! So I decided I needed an attitude adjustment day and took Friday off from work. I made my plans. I did a long run. A very, very, very slow long run. I kept putting it off, but finally went out and did it. Cut it short at just over 6 miles instead of the full 7 but I had already run past my car once and just couldn't do it again. Besides the dog was pretty much done. Yea that's right...I'm blaming the dog. It was a pretty good run though a path that I had never run. Lots of places to potty and drink which is great! I was hoping to get closer to 55 miles this month but looks like I will just get a little over 50. I'm ok with that.

And then it was off to the spa where I spent 3 1/2 hours being scrubbed, rubbed, extracted, waxed, and polished...ahhhhh what a day. Met a friend for a little shopping and some dinner....Nice, very nice, in fact doesn't get to much better then that.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let's see what it's all about!

I just signed up to volunteer at the Denver Marathon in October. I'll just get a look at what it's like before I go making any commitments to if I want to do this or not. :)

Sunday rides....

Happy Sunday all!

Good day so far! Went on a 45 mile bike ride this morning/afternoon it was fantastic! We took a bike path that goes clear across Denver. It is a very flat ride along the river the whole way. Some day I would like to do more of it, but for today this was a good start. Kind of funny because we were about 10ish miles into the ride and looking at downtown on the horizon and I said I can't believe we are going to ride that far. So we rode through downtown and kept going and finally when we were reaching around 22ish miles we turned around to head back. When we were stopped to turn around we looked back at where we were headed and it was at least as far back to downtown as I had seen from the other side. Kind of cool to be looking at it from the other side. Then I took my bike in to the bike shop and had them adjust a few things. The front brake was rubbing, had them put on knew pedals and adjust a couple of other things. He told me I needed to oil my chain, which I came home and did. (Note to self: I need to get on line and see about some basic things I should be doing to keep my bike in order.) He was just amazing..just fixed up these little things like that. Of course he probably does it a 100 times a day.

So also at that 10ish mile mark I was thinking about running a 1/2 marathon....and how far we had ridden and I was trying to imagine running that....can't....but would like to I think.

Monday, August 18, 2008

What next?

It was such a beautiful evening that I took the bike out and did an 11ish mile ride. It was pretty good. I actually road the path that I was suppose to run this past weekend and then some which took me over to a path that I had run a couple of times last fall during my DS's soccer practice. It was a little rougher, partly because I've not been on the bike for awhile, but also because it was all gravel. I'm not used to that, but it wasn't to bad once I rode for awhile. Still managed to keep an average of 12 mph.

Ok so you know what it's kind of funny, I was thinking while riding about wanting to do another tri before the end of the season here...and I have two things that are holding me 3 things I think...
1. Money...
2. The ones I'm looking at are farther into September and the water will be getting cold...I'm afraid of wet suits....ok maybe not the suit itself, but getting in and out, how I will look...renting one (not ready to buy) and I don't know what other things
3. Will I look like a full with my bike "Sissy"'s not a road bike, it's a girls comfort bike, and while I do ok with it, I wonder if I will look really funny....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Easy run...

Had a very good long (for me) run of 6 miles this morning. I started last week on a training program from Runner's World, (using the Smart Coach) for a 10k I'm going to run in about 7 weeks. So far 6 miles is my longest so it will be interesting to see how this goes. I'm working at making my long and easy runs easy though, and keeping my heart rate/speed low. Today's run was verrrrrry slow, but I kept my HR in zone 2. Took me about an hour and half which is a 14:56 pace...pretty, no as I said above verrrry slow, but that does include a potty stop and a stop to water my dog who runs with me. It was a very nice run, although it was very humid after all that rain. Even though I didn't work hard I was pretty wet when I got home. Oh the schedule for this week, is a short 2 mile easy run, 5 mile speed work and a long run of 7 miles...that makes me nervous adding another mile.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Did I mention it was raining here?

I was awoken to thunder and lightning about 3:30, got up around 5:30...well maybe it doesn't look to bad, I think its slowed down....finally gets light..yea it's not that bad...get to the race....the rain, it's getting harder, or seems so anyway...what am I I crazy....maybe I should just go home, no I've told everyone I'm's only 1/2 hour right? I can do I really want to run in this rain?....ok there's a guy standing there directing...RACE IS CANCELLED!! Trail unsafe.

I don't have to run in the rain and I didn't chicken out!
They won't let me!

The picture was taken during a brief lull in the rain this afternoon. It is usally a small maybe 2 feet wide creek. The path is one I run onsometimes and the one that I get on when I ride my bike to work.

Friday, August 15, 2008


It is raining has been raining here all hasn't rained in is suppose to rain all day tomorrow....I signed up for a 5k tomorrow's mostly a trail (gravel) run....I think I'm going to be wet and muddy!

It's been a good week!

Training (I prefer to call it training over exercise, makes me want to do it more, mind games you know!) this week has been good, really productive. I decided this week that I'm going to learn how to swim. Now I know that sounds funny considering I've done 3 open water swims at the Boulder Stroke & Stride and an open water swim in the Tri for the Cure, but that face in the water thing had just not been working for me. :)So I've finally learned to listen to the fishys and talk to the fishys (as the kiddie swim instructors say)...I was able to do a whole lap keeping my face in the water with proper breathing, well at least closer anyway! I feel like this is such a huge accomplishment! I also did my first real speed work in a run. As I'm sure I stated above I am a very slow runner, so I did 3 x 800's at about a 10:00 pace, well ok actually one was 11:00 the other 2 were 10:00. For me this was another huge jump. I actually started to feel like some day I could be a faster runner!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm a Triathlete!!!

Ok first off a little background about me and how I got into this tri. I'm 43 and overweight and I've never been athletic, I've always hated exercise and been at least a little overweight and had food "issues". After or during my divorce in 2001 I lost about 50lbs and started doing some moderate exercise, mostly walking and dvd's. Over the years I've put back on about 20lbs and lost gained 10-15 over and over...some of you will know that feeling....any way last September (2007) I started the c25k running program and found that I really enjoyed it. I had a small injury that sidelined me for a while but have been fairly consistent. I am slow but I'm pretty steady. :) So anyway in February a friend of mine said...hey let's do the Tri for the Cure... 'THE WHAT!!!??!!" You want me to do a triathlon!? I don't swim! I don't own a bike (I don't think the $40 garage sale bike counts.) And I barley run!...But the thought just didn't leave my mind. I mentioned it to a couple of friends, and mentioned it on the SB board that I hang out at. The next thing I know there are 5 of us who plan to do the Tri in August. So I get a bike, it's a comfort bike, Sissy, which I love (but now think I may need to upgrade!) I didn't ride a whole lot yet, it's cold outside! But I start to ride a little on the stationary bikes at the rec center, and I start to swim a little and I start to read blogs and any other info I can find. I come up with a plan from BT and go with it. The 5 of us do the Aflac Iron woman 5k in Denver May and have a blast! Continue on with training...nice weather gets here and several friends (2 of the ones doing the tri and another) start to bike ride, nice long (for me) bike rides 20-40 miles...I LOVE IT!!! I'm swimming but I'm not....I can't do the whole breathing, face in the water, freestyle thing. But I keep plugging away. July gets here and 2 of my tri friends, (by now it is pretty certain the one who started us on our way is not going to be joining us, and the other lives about an hour away in Colorado Springs) decide to do the Stroke & Stride in Boulder. We need open water experience. Only one of us is actually a swimmer, myself and the other girl, well whatever it will take to get us that 750 meters is what we will do. So on July 3rd I did my first open water swim and let me tell you it was an experience!!! We show up and everyone is so athletic looking and putting on wet suits and all the gear...well not us! You have the choice of doing one lap (750 meters or 2 and then the 5k) we of course are doing one. So the 2 lappers start 5 minutes before the rest of us. We do meet a couple of girls who are also doing the Tri for the Cure. So off we go (about 100-150 of us) I get not very darn far and take a huge!! drink of water...and start to panic, I'm screaming at myself in my head 'JULIE!!! DO NOT PANIC!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! DO NOT PANIC!!! Took like what seemed forever but I got control and continued on. I swam, and I swam, and I swam some more, about the 1st buoy the 2 lapper past me and that wasn't as bad as I had thought (one girl had said she got run over quite a bit. )then I swam, and I swam and I finally got to the end. I came out of that water just exhausted! I had no idea how long I was in there. I got up to my transition area and sat down to rinse my feet, you have to run up the beach, and just thought...What in the H$!! are you doing!? But I put my shoes on and started out for the run...ok the walk....I didn't do much running...Final time was 1:06 I was very pleased with that 23:20 swim, T!3:57 and walk :) 39:02. That wasn't so bad! Felt ok after finishing! Did a couple more of those before the tri and it made such a difference. I don't really know how much my times improved they kept making the swim longer for some reason, the 2nd one was 835 meters and the 3rd 813 or something. But by the last one I definitely felt stronger.

So that brings us to race week. The Saturday a week before the race, we gather for a long bike ride and one of the tri buddies (and at this time I've not heard from the girl in the springs for months) says she will not be able to do the tri because of a medical treatment she will have to have this week. She is so bummed and we are bummed that she will not be joining us. On Monday night the other tri buddy calls and says she has had a medical issue and also will not be able to participate...She is reallly bummed!!! The first girl made the choice herself, the second had no option. I am really bummed as well as a little nervous because now what started as 5 seems to! I'm a Buddy with no buddies! (You can and we did sign up in a Buddy classification instead of age so that you can compete with your friends) but I never considered not doing it. I figured with 3000 women, I would find someone to talk to! Yes this was an all women's tri, and very large, but I also knew that there would be all sizes, ages and athletic abilities so I felt pretty comfortable.

Ok I'm running off for a bike ride......I will be back to post about race day later!

Ok well didn't get back to this as quick as I thought I would....
So sleep is something that just doesn't happen much before the night before. I was a wake a lot. But at least I know I won't be late. I head out pretty early get there by about 6:30, the traffic is kind of bad getting in, probably the only real downside and even that wasn't that bad. I look around in wonder at all the people, get body marked and find my transition area. It's set up by waves. Turns out I set my transition area up right next to 2 girls I met at the Stroke & Stride! How excited was I to see some faces I knew! I got all set up and wondered around to get my bearings, find the in's and out's of the bike and run and then go over to cheer for some of those that have already started. The first wave went at around 7 and I wouldn't be going til almost 9. I was surprised that I really wasn't nervous. I felt prepared. I'd not done a swim to bike, but I wasn't worried as I really thought that would be easier the the swim to run's I had done. So it is finally time to line up for the swim, we are almost the last wave, I wait with the girls from the S&S and we chat about next year and what we want to do. Finally we are in the water...the gun goes off....and it is a struggle to get away from the rest of the people. I pretty much take it easy (although it does not look like it from one of the very worst swim exit pictures I have ever seen!) because I don't want to wear myself out. Pass quite a few people, as I knew I would, I'd seen the times from the year before some people took close to and over an hour for the swim, knew I could do it in around 20ish minutes. Out of the water and over to find the bike. It was a pretty good distance and I walked fast but did not run. Feeling pretty good about things, got my shoes on ate a quick gel and some Gatorade, did I mention it was around 90 degrees. And took off with my bike, lined up on the wrong side of my bike for some reason so when it was time to get on I had issues...and I have the bruises to prove it! But once I got started it was good, passed quite a few people, went back and forth with one group, I pass, you pass...and so forth, not sure what finally happened to them. The course was almost all flat, one pretty longish hill, not real steep, but right in the middle of the ride. Felt like I pushed it pretty hard on the bike and felt good. Back to transition, another gel, more Gatorade and off to the run. The run starts uphill to get up on top of the Dam road across part of the Dam and back, I walked a lot, I passed quite a few people...walked a lot...looked around at all the line of people walking out...walked a lot...And ran it in (downhill remember!) smiling and happy! My Dad brought out my 2 boys to see me cross the line and the 2 girls that had trained with me were there with flowers. How great it felt!

My Dad looked at me with suprise and maybe even some awe and don't even look tired! I felt great and ready to do it again!

Overall place 1717
Rank Class 185
Swim 00:22:14
T1 00:07:11
Bike 00:43:06
T2 00:05:25
Run 00:39:19
Pace 00:12:41
Final Time 01:57:17