Sunday, December 4, 2011

HBBC Week 2

So hear it is my breakdown on another less than stellar week.

For my info and tracking I'm going to keep track my points for HBBC here. I will be journaling my fruits and veggies, but not necessarily all of my food....however I've noticed that writing it down here is still keeping me a little more honest.

How to earn points:
1 Point per mile (run/walk)
1 Point per 3 miles biked
1 Point per 20 minutes of weight lifting, Pilates, yoga, stretching or abs
1 Point per 15 minutes of low impact cardio (i.e. low impact aerobics, easy biking, skiing, skating, water aerobics, snow shoeing)
1 Point per 10 minutes of high impact cardio (i.e.spinning, kickboxing, lap swimming)
1 Per day where you reach a minimum of 7 servings of fruits and veggies

Nov. 26th - Day 8
E - 4 mile run
B - Super huge omelet with spinach, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli slaw (2) 2 clementines (1)
D - Leftover Stuffed Poblano Peppers (4)
D - Chocolate Banana "soft serve" (1)
Total pts - 5

Nov. 27th - Day 9
Not a good day.
Total pts - 0

Monday Nov 28th Day 10
B - Omelet..tons of veggies mushrooms, spinach, broccoli slaw (2)
S - peppers with hummus (1)
L – Ham and Kale soup with salad (3) Clementine (1)
D – Noodles with frozen stir fried veggies (2)
D – Banana “soft serve” (1)
Total pts - 1

Tuesday Nov 29th Day 11
E - Bootcamp workout 50 minutes- 5 pts
B - Omelet..tons of veggies mushrooms, spinach, broccoli slaw (2)
S – Banana (1)
L – Couscous with broccoli and cauliflower and chicken (2) pear (1)
D – Bean tostadas with slaw(1)
D – Banana “soft serve” (1)
Total pts - 6

Wed. Nov 30th Day 12
E – 4 mile run – 4pts
B - Oatmeal with cranberry, pumpkin and pomegranate (1) one of the best oatmeal I’ve made for a while!
S - slaw (1)
L – Chili and salad (3), Clementine (1)
D – Bean tostadas with slaw(1)
Total pts - 5

Thursday Dec. 1 Day 13
B - Omelet with mushrooms, spinach, peppers (2)
S - Banana (1)
L – White Chili and Salad (3) Pear (1)
D – Roasted veggies (2) and butternut squash/ cauliflower risotto (1)
D - Mango with plain yogurt (1)
Total pts - 1

Friday Dec. 2 Day 14
E - 4 mile 4un - 4pts
B - Egg sandwich with spinach and a pear (1)
L - Left over Roasted veggies (2) and butternut squash/ cauliflower risotto (1)
S - apple (1)
Total pts - 4

Total points for the week 22

So as I said still not a stellar week. More points but still lacking. Exercise is week food not great even though I do get in my f & v's just to darn much.... As it was pointed out to me a plan would be good. Thanks Jen ! So this week I'm going to make a plan. I know that as far as exercise goes I always do better if I know what needs to be done. This arctic weather we are having doesn't help though as I really don't like running on a TM. Well maybe if I had one at my house I would get it done easier but I have a harder time making myself stop at the rec center, get all sweaty and then have to go out in the cold to get home again...excuses I know.


Heather @ Just a Colorado Gal said...

The ice on the sidewalks is definitely making it tricky! I'm headed to the gym in 5 for a tm run and I have to admit...I had to pysch myself up for this!!

More snow on the way tonight/tomorrow! :)

Matthew Smith said...

The cold weather always makes it hard to get good workouts in. But, at least you're still making progress and scoring points. Keep up the good work!

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said...

I don't love the TM either but it is so much better than being out in this horrible cold we are having. I almost died just scooping the snow! Like really I almost did, I'm sure of it.

Hope that planning works. I am thinking I need to do that as well. This fly by the seat of my pants eating is increasing the seat of my pants. Stay warm!!!!!

Terzah said...

Yes, plans are good--I've fallen off mine this week, but I'm trying to stay the course and not go snack at the grocery store across the street.

I wish I had a treadmill at home, too, I really do. It's the scraping the car part of getting to the rec center that is my straw that frequently breaks the camel's back.

Anonymous said...

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