Sunday, December 18, 2011

House keeping...HBBC and Tebow

Just need to do a little clean up around here. I updated my WFD? page and added all of the recipes that I have posted. I had no idea there were so many or that I had missed adding so many to the page. And then of course when I was almost done blogger did something strange, I lost most of the links and them and had to start all over. Fun, but it's done now and hopefully won't happen again.

And now on to the recap of HBBC Week 4
You know sometimes these challenges really give me the kick in the pants I need and I go all out...this time not so much although I still believe that it has still had me exercising several time when I may have just said what the heck and also made me eat just a little better, so I guess it is working right?
Saturday - 12 miles (4) on the trainer and F & V's 1
Sunday - 4 mile run (4) and F & V's 1
Monday - F & V's 1
Tuesday - F & V's 1
Wednesday - 1 mile warm up run 20 minutes strength (2) F & V's 1
Thursday - 20 minute swim (1) F & V's 1
Friday -nada...

Total points for the week 17

So is everyone ready for Christmas? I'm working on it...a few more gifts to get but since we are going to Mexico in February there will not be quite as much under the tree. I can't believe that Christmas is only a week away!

As I sit here and watching the Bronco game I feel that I must share with you the skit from SNL. It's a must see!

Just meet him half way guys...


Matthew Smith said...

I'm watching that game too. Personally, I like Tebow. He's not too bad at all, and I think he gets a bunch of crap from people just because they want someone to pick on.

I hate it when Blogger screws up! UGH!

Michael said...

Nice job on HBBC this week! I've been bad about posting my weekly recaps for the last two weeks. I need to get my updates out there!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I like Tebow, though he is not a great QB, but I hope he succeeds. He is the type that would succeed at anything he wants to, I have a feeling

Terzah said...

Too funny on Tebow. I'm not a big football person, but I hope he continues to do well too. Last night proves you can't win 'em all (it's nice to win some though).

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