Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Questions and Answers with Julie -The Answers Part 1

I just want to say thank goodness I'm not as popular as some, this is a lot of work just for a few questions! Good luck to you all you "cool kids" out there! If by any chance you still haven't posted your question or have a new one feel free to post.

Aimee from I Tri to Be Me asked:

What is one thing you most want to accomplish this year??
Live through the Boulder 70.3. :) and if I do that then I want to try and enjoy my boys and spend a lot of family time together for the next year when my oldest son enters the Marines.

XLMIC at Taking It on asked

Do you like making lunches? What do you usually put in your boys' lunches?

I make my own lunches every day, like it or not, just one of those things I don't think about much. As you can tell from the question above my boys are older 17 and 15 and can darn well pack their own lunches if they need one, but not something that ever happens, they just buy lunch.

What is you favorite workout? now that you mention it :P Least favorite?
Favorite...long easy bike rides. :)
Least...anything that involves pain.

Give us the funniest internet dating story and the scariest. Please?
Funniest....there were many but my favorite is the one where I got left at a restaurant downtown after I told a guy that “no, in fact I was not having a good time.” He asked! At least he paid for the drinks before he left. Scariest, I’ve really never had any scary experiences. Although I did receive some pretty inappropriate pictures...actually that was another really funny story.

Deb from Deb Tris asked
I want to know about your childhood:

Did you ever cheat on a test?

I don’t remember every doing this, if I did I obviously did not feel guilty enough about it for it to have made a lasting impression. :)
Chase boys at recess time?
I remember having a real crush on a boy in Kindergarten...Eric D as he was known. I’m sure I must have chased him a time or two.
Skip school?
I never really skipped school except one time I can remember in junior high, I think it was the last day of 9th grade.

Julie from Adventure is Out There asked

What blog makes you laugh the most?
Wow this is a hard one there are so many good blogs out there. Jill always makes me laugh, be it in person or reading her blog I also find JohnP at Lord of the Chainring quite a riot, his comments usually get me rolling as well as his blog.

What blog have you learned the most from?
Well I’ve learned a lot from SUAR but I’m not telling what. As far as triathlon and equipment’s gotta be DC Rainmaker

What blog do you HAVE to read every day?

Yours of course Julie! But there are several others I will read as soon as I see a post including but not limited to Adena at She said I need a goal, she also makes me laugh and of course there is BDD I can’t believe that I just found his blog in the last few months, he has some of the best posts everything from funny to insightful. Any one I've met in person always ranks at the top too. :)

What is your high in the sky dream in your professional life? in your athletic life?
Professional life?...yea not so much, I have a job and I just hope to keep it. It like the rest of my life is none to exciting.
Athletic? To have dreams there would have to mean I was an athlete and I don’t often think of myself as one. :=)however I’m not really sure where I want to go from here. My goals/dreams After I complete the 70.3 and having completed the century this year, are met for now. All of this is so far out of the realm of what I ever thought I would be doing that I feel like it is all a huge dream.


Christi said...

Wow, that is an interesting date story. My friend has one similar. I must tell you about it the next time we ride!

Anonymous said...

Get through Boulder.. I hear ya LOUD AND CLEAR!
See you there!

Matthew Smith said...

Nice! Now that you picked me to be one of the lucky ones, I'll have to write the post for questions too. Have a great day!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, I would never just leave, I would at least have the curosity to end the date properly

Thanks for the smile, I really want to goto Colorado for a ride with all the bloggers.

Jill said...

We're going to be laughing all the way across Rhode Island!! Woohoo!

Aimee said...

I loved reading your answers! These are such fun posts!

Julie said...

Great answers, Julie!!
I feel like I'm missing out on so much that is going on with everyone. Summer is in full swing and I've got more stuff to do than time to do it with...aghhhhhh.....
I'm going to go read some more posts to get caught up with you before I finish my lunch and have to get back to work :-(