Sunday, July 10, 2011

Boulder Peak Olympic Tri Race report or Old Stage 2 Julie 0

Let's just get that out of the way first...Old Stage wins and I will never, never, never try it again! :) YOU WIN OLD STAGE! YOU... WIN!!

Pre Race
Ok so now for the rest of the story. I had Friday afternoon off thinking that I could get some light training in and maybe go do packet pick up. The weather however had different ideas about me taking a ride.
We have been having crazy afternoon rains, this one came with a bunch of wind and some hail. Which managed to shred trees and blow things everywhere. I only got about 30 minutes in, but enough to check out an adjustment that I had made to my seat and when I got off the bike I noticed that my cleat had cracked! Boy am I glad that I saw it as I can't imagine trying to ride without being clipped in! So got that taken care of. So Saturday I decide again to try an easy ride with an easy short run off the bike. Got that done and felt good. I then went to lunch with a friend and she went with me to packet pick up. I was there when Tim O'Donnell was doing a talk, I wished I could have stayed to listen but didn't want to make my friend wait on me.
Although the shirt is a nice K-Swiss and fits well, the design leaves a little to be desired. :) I was hoping given that it was the 20th anniversary it might be a really cool shirt...not so much. Fast forward to the evening after getting all packed up I go out to load my bike in the car...FLAT FRONT TIRE!!!! GRRRR! Good thing I'm becoming such a tire changing expert! I change the tire digging out not one, not two but three thorns stuck in my tire! Obviously from all of the stuff blown around the day before. Great now I'll be worried all night that I will end up with a flat on the ride.

Race day
I acutally got a really good nights sleep, woke up a little early at 3:30ish and dozed until little after 4 when I got up. Ate my normal bagel thin, peanut butter and banana coffee and headed out after numerous trips to the bathroom...race day nerves you know. I started to get a little worried as I got closer to the rez as there appeared to be an issue with this lights and it was taking for-ever to get in to the lake so by the time I got in there was no messing around, get set up and they were kicking us out! I was racked right next to Kathleen and she had someone take this pic of us.

Doesn't look like I had a good nights sleep..those bags under my eyes...WOW!

It was a beautiful day cool, although it was suppose to get hot. I wanted to use the porta-potty before the race but the line was sooooo long so for the first time in my history of races I did not hit up the porta potty once or usually twice!

It wasn't long before our wave was getting ready to start. I did just a quick dip in the water before hand, it was beautiful, and checked out my new goggles. They had us females 45-49 swimming with the males 35-39. I just put myself in the back and tried to stay out of the way. It worked out pretty good to, no real contact, although I swam up on a few people I was able to go around with no problems. After passing the first buoy I got into my rhythm and just swam. I was having some sighing issues at first but then was able to use the sun and feel like I did a pretty good job, and bonus my goggles didn't fog up! Turned the first corner and it was just a short distance before we were heading back in. I always feel like I'm being pushed to the left on the way back in and I seem always to be compensating for it. But still did pretty good. At the 2nd to last buoy I did take a big drink of water that left me choking for a bit but I didn't let it rattle me just got back to it. Although I felt like I was out there forever I was pleased to exit the water and cross the mat and see my time of 34:50. For me a good swim.

T1 it was the normal run up the beach to transition. Felt pretty good about things had a few problems getting my helmet fastened but overall pretty happy with my time, room for improvement sure, but I'm ok with it.

I headed out not wanting to hit the bike to hard knowing what was to come in the first 6 miles. It was at this point I realized that I had not taken my gel before the swim so I had some of my Perpetum and a little water but not as much as I probably should have. I was feeling pretty good, and was soon into the climb up Old Stage, it wasn't long before my legs were feeling week, I kept going for awhile before deciding that it would be safer for myself and those around me to just get off and walk, and right after I started walking a girl next to me fell over. I was amazed at just how slow everyone was actually going. I had envisioned some of the strong young men zooming by, but there was no zooming going on. They were moving faster then I on foot, but not by much. It was a pretty tough walk up that hill I got to say, between the 15% grade and the bike shoes it seemed like a long walk, there were probably at least 6 other people in my vicinity also walking. Although everyone lining the road was nice I almost felt like I couldn't make eye contact with them. :) Finally to the top and back on the bike. I had in my mind that it was downhill then...not so much, a quick downhill and then a few more uphills, the first one that I seemed ill prepared for I almost dropped my chain and my heart dropped to my shoes as I though great! Now I'm going over! Luckily it didn't fall off (I've never done that before!) and I was able to continue on. Finally the downhills and they were SWEET! The rest of the ride was really pretty easy a few rollers but nothing of note. I was amazed by some of the inconsiderateness of few ladies out there. One who choose to ride in the middle of the road instead of to the left making it difficult for all to pass, and another two that felt they should ride side by side and chat...for many miles... From miles 15 to 20ish I was able to catch up a little on my nutrition and water and started to feel much better. Although I was really wishing that peeing on the bike was an option for me. I just can't do it.
Bike 1:39:39

Bit of a problem here as I couldn't find my row or spot so spent some extra time fumbling around looking for it. Smooth change of shoes, hat on, race belt on and ohhh THANK GOD! the bathroom.

Headed out feeling pretty good, glad to be off the bike and I don't think I've said what a really beautiful day it was! There was a cloud cover and the temps were probably under 80 so it was not that bad at all. There is a bit of a hill right out off which I walked most of while getting all arranged. I took a gel right before I got to the mile one aid station had some water and moved on. I had headed in to this run without much of a plan, but soon settled into a rhythm of running for about 2 minutes and walking for about 30 seconds. I walked hills and aid stations taking a water, a Gatorade and then another water to dump on myself after mile 3. I saw my friend Sarah headed in the first mileish and knew that Kathleen was out there somewhere also and I saw her in the 3rd mile I think. One of the really nice things about an out and back is the chance to see friends. Around mile 4, just after the turn around I was a little concerned that I might be having some GI issues and went to stop at the porta-potty, it was occupied and I decided to take my chances and keep going, luckily that paid off. The biggest problem I had on the run was stepping on some rocks that hit directly on what I think is a Morton's Neroma and the pain was pretty intense. It didn't bother me at all other then that, but left me concerned about the 13.1 miles to come on this same course in 30 days. The last mile was pretty fun as the pros had hit the run course and they do 3 shorter out and back loops and it was fun to be running with the likes of Tim O'Donnell and Greg Bennett and Matty Reed. When I got to the finish I was surprised again by my Mom and Dad! How great it is that they come out to support me!
1:14:13 (11:58)
Total time 3:36:25

After finishing my run I got to watch all of the pros cross the finish line! What a great day! As you can see I didn't quite make my goal of 3:30 but overall I'm really happy with my performance. My swim, felt fantastic, my ride, well except for that f'ing "hill" was pretty strong, and my run, even with walking I was happy to have under (just) a 12:00 minute mile. Call me a happy camper. After the race when we went to check our times this guy walks up to me and says, your Julie with the blog right? Freaked me out a little and then he introduced himself as Bill who blogs over at Colorado bikeaholics I've been reading his blog for awhile he has some great info and he's a great athlete! Back in February he did an indoor Ironman triathlon at the Avada YMCA. Check out his blog, you won't be sorry!

Here's a picture of the top 6 Male pros. Tim O'Donnell took the win for the 3rd year in a row!

Next stop...70.3


ShutUpandRun said...

Congratulations on a tough and strong race for you. Old Stage sucks. See you at the 70.3!!

Jennifer said...

Tough course and you did it!! Hope your training plan for the IM leaves you time for a rest day - you've earned it!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

I think you were amazing considering the course and trouble you dealt with. My hat is off to ya'll, I couldn't juggle all the different stages like you do! Great job!

Aimee said...

Woohoo! Congrats on the race! You did awesome!! Old Stage is HARD! I even had to walk up it when I first did just sucks!

Jill said...

Bring on the Half IM, you are READY!!! First, let's go ride up Old Stage Road together!!! ;)

Nice job, Julie! I was so excited to get your text, you sounded happy and I've been smiling ever since for you! Hope you got some celebratory treat after - you so deserved it! Congratulations!!!!

Diana said...

Big congratulations for a great race! I can't wait to hear all about the HIM.....
Rest up!!!

Matthew Smith said...

Way to go on finishing this Oly. I thought your time was great even though you didn't meet your goal. Next stop - HIM!

Christi said...

Great job Julie! I am so proud of what you did this weekend. You are a rock star!

Christy said...

Congrats on the race!!!!

Terzah said...

Congrats, Julie! BTW, I think people who can change a bike tire w/o thinking about it are so badass. Oh, and people who do triathlons, too....

BTW, I have a Morton's neuroma myself and have successfully dealt with it, if you need any advice. It's a liveable type of injury, fortunately.

William Plock said...

Great to see you out there! Fun to meet you, see you in a few weeks at the half, keep pushing!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Wow crazy rainy weather. Do the same exact thing you did on your swim @ 70.3 and you will be fine.

Great job finishing!

Shannon (IronTexasMommy) said...

Great job! That hill sounds crazy! You'll get that 3:30 soon enough with such a solid performance with some tough terrain! :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I think you did awesome and I have a feeling your not done with Old Stage, maybe for a couple weeks or a month, I bet you really, really want to conquer it

Al's CL Reviews said...

Congrats on the race!

Deb said...

Nice job. You did great!

She said I need a goal said...

Sorry I missed this! Catching up and praying my comments work LOVE this!! Great job!

Heather @ The World Through My Eyes said...

Just found your blog and I love it :) Good for you and congrats on the race! And I'm with you--Old Stage is BRUTAL!!!!

Michael said...

Amazing job on the race!! That hill still sounds like the worst thing ever. Great time too! I am hoping to be under 4 hours for my Oly in Sept. I can't believe you have a 70.3 in a month!! Keep up the great training. You will be awesome!